How To Set Yearly Goals + Easy Goal Setting Ideas

How to set yearly goals and actually achieve them. Including goal setting ideas and a free goal setting worksheet to help you.

If you have followed me for a while you know I am a planner that loves making lists of any kind. That also includes yearly goals.

Around the beginning of the year, I set up yearly goals for myself. I look at last year’s goals and see what didn’t work and how to improve them going forward.

In this post, I am going to go over, why you should set yearly goals, how to set yearly goals that can be achieved, and some ideas of yearly goals you should include.

Why you should set yearly goals?

Setting yearly goals is not the same as new year resolutions.

When I hear the word resolutions I think of vague ideas that do not have an end game.

Goals are specific things you would like to accomplish by the end of the year.

Here are my list of reasons why you should set yearly goals:

Fresh Start

There is something to be said about a clean slate.

It’s fresh, it’s new.

This is what we think about in the New Year, right?

You have the opportunity to start over this year.

Map it out how you want to.

Motivation + Process = Success

If done correctly your goals should guide you in the direction you see yourself. Goals give you a clear path and help you focus on what you want.

Motivation and progress go hand in hand for me when it comes to goal setting.

Since I can see the progress that I am making towards a goal it gives me the motivation to keep going.

And, visa versa. If I feel unmotivated about a specific goal I have I can look back at the progress I already made which give me the motivation to continue.

Accountability and Procrastination

Goals will hold you accountable for something you want.

However, these goals need to be realistic! I’ll get to that in a minute.

When you have very defined goals it is very easy to stay focused and not procrastinate on them.

Setting goals can give you a purpose or a plan within the next 12 months.

How to set yearly goals

When you sit down to write out your yearly goals it’s a good idea to keep the SMART goal principal in mind.

  • Specific – Your goal needs to be very clear and not vague.
  • Measurable – If one of your goals was to declutter your home you need to be very specific about it. The word “home” includes a lot. Do you want to declutter specific rooms? Or would you like to declutter 50 items within your home?
  • Attainable – Can your goal be achieved? If we use the example of decluttering your home, can you dedicate the time to do it? If not, this might not be the goal for you this year.
  • Relevant – Does this goal fit within your long term plan. If you want to be a more organized person overall then decluttering, creating routines would be your starting point.
  • Time-Bound – If we are doing yearly goals, you should have all of your goals completed by the end of the year. However, you can create other deadlines in this area that might suit your needs better.

Yearly goal ideas

I like to break my goals into 6 categories.

For me that basically covers all aspects of my life during this season. This might be different for everyone.

1 – My Home

2 – My Kids

3 – Financial

4 – Business

5 – Marriage

6 – Self Care

From there I break it down into very small pieces.

How To Achieve Your Yearly Goals

Once I have my categories I list goals I want to complete in each.

For example my home I have things like:

  • Paint master bedroom
  • Paint my office
  • Renovate my kid’s closets
  • Paint master bathroom

For financial I have things like:

For self care I have things like:

  • Workout 5 times a week
  • Drink a half a gallon of water daily
  • Read 5 books

Now, from there I break it down more:

For my home goals I choose my paint colors or write down my options.

I pick a timeline for when I’d like these things done since they are more specific.

For my self care goals I break it down like this:


2 days a week cardio for 30 minutes.

3 days a week lifting. I even write down my favorite supersets for my lift days. That way on days that I don’t want to come up with a routine I can pull from my favorite exercises.


I bought a half gallon cute water bottle to hold me accountable


I researched the 5 books I want to read this year and wrote them down

How to set your yearly goals and achieve them can be pretty simple if you break it up into very small chunks and keep the SMART principle idea in mind.

I hope these tips help you on how to set your yearly goals this year!

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How to set yearly goals and actually achieve them. Including goal setting ideas and a free goal setting worksheet to help you.

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How to set yearly goals and actually achieve them. Including goal setting ideas and a free goal setting worksheet to help you.

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