Stress Free Holiday Season

Would you like a stress free holiday season?

How to be less stressed out this Christmas. Simplify the holidays. 10 awesome tips to help make sure you have a stress free holiday season.

As the years go on I feel the holidays can become more and more stressful, especially for us moms.

It’s a lot of extra work, right?

Well it does not have to be!

So, let’s dive into it…

I have 10 tips to help make sure you have a stress free holiday season.

1 – Make Lists

Here’s the thing about list making. The more you write down on paper or on your phone it frees up space in your brain.

In order to have a stress free holiday season, write down as much as you can and get it off your mind.

This goes for anything like:

  • Parties
  • Events you are hosting
  • Food you are serving and groceries you may need
  • Your holiday gift budget
  • Gift ideas

Make a list of everything you can think of for the next few weeks that will save you time in the long run.

That way you have your game plan ready to roll when the holidays roll around.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post called Get Organized for Thanksgiving. In this post I break down a simple step by step, 7 day plan to help you get ready for Thanksgiving in a week. That way you can have a relaxing Thanksgiving Day.

Or, for Christmas you can check out my Christmas planner. Inside the planner, you will find 19 pages jammed packed full of Christmas printables to keep you on task and organized this Christmas season. From gift tracking, tags, Christmas cards even a letter to Santa, I got you covered this year.

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2 – Start As Early As Possible

The holidays seem to creep up on you, don’t they?

Before you know it, you’re taking your kids trick or treating. Then, boom Christmas items are the stores before we’ve even celebrated Thanksgiving.

It creates panic for most people.

To ensure a stress free holiday season start about 6 – 8 weeks prior for Christmas.

This way, it gives you plenty of time to get everything you need.

Once I have all my lists in place is when I start to create a timeline for when I need to get things done.

Working backwards helps you to create a better gauge of when to get things done.

When you break your lists up into smaller attainable chunks, you’ll be amazed how much more you can get done.

3 – Enlist Help

The holidays are not a one man show here.

For years and years I took on way too much. Let me tell you, I realized I do not need to do this all myself.

Ask family or friends to pitch in during the holidays.

This could be making dinners or parties pot luck so everyone brings something. That way you are not making everything yourself.

Or hire help! Tons of people are looking for extra money for the holidays.

If your budget allows, hire a cleaning service to come or hire someone to hang your Christmas lights this year.

4 – Say No

During the holiday season we can become so overwhelmed with the extra stuff that needs to get done.

Between regular life schedules, extra kids events and all the prep work behind the scenes it’s enough to make a momma crazy, right?

Say no!

It is perfectly okay to say no.

Go to the very important things you have to attend, make memories with your kids and let the rest go.

5 – Let Go Of Perfection

Ugh, another one that can get a mom down, perfection.

The holiday season is not about the perfect decorated house or the perfect Christmas card.

Believe me you are always going to find fault in something you do if you are looking for perfection.

The world on Pinterest or Instagram perfect is not real.

I have been so guilty of this as well. But you know what, it takes away from the joy of the holiday season. Trying to make everything perfect takes time and energy on what is important.

The holidays are supposed to be about making memories.

You kids are not going to remember the perfect Christmas card or how the lights are perfectly placed on your house.

They are going to remember the fun they had making Christmas cookies as a family. Or taking those cookies they worked so hard on to a neighbor as a sweet gesture.

6 – Create A Budget

I saw a saying around on Facebook, it goes something like:

Don’t go broke to show someone you love them

I can not remember the exact wording but this time of year we spend a lot more money than we should.

When you sit down to make your lists, create a budget and get as detailed as you can.

Take you entire budget this year and divide it into categories. This could be gifts either as a whole or by person, Christmas dinner, that secret Santa gift for your office and baking supplies you’ll need.

Make cuts if needed and work with what you have budgeted this year.

If you need help with creating a budget you can check out my Household Budget Kit.

7 – Declutter Ahead of Time

A few weeks ago I wrote an entire post on how to declutter for the holidays. This post explains 8 areas of your home you should focus on declutering before Christmas.

When you declutter in advance it makes for a stress free holiday season.

It’s one less thing we have to do on our list and it gives you an opportunity to weed out things in your home you no longer need.

Less is more sometimes.

8 – Use The KISS Principal

Keep it simple stupid.

Keep the holidays as simple as possible to avoid overload and unneeded stress.

Simplify your gifts, your schedules and all the things you need to get done this holiday season so you can actually enjoy it this year.

9 – Create Experiences

I remember when my kids were little, Christmas was so overwhelming for me. I bought way too many items on Black Friday for them for years.

Looking back now I learned it was all just stuff.

As my kids get older, I realized how important it is to create experiences rather than give them just, well, things.

Santa goes lighter each year and we make more memories that they love getting so much more than just toys.

10 – Carve Out Time for Self Care

Self care is super important all year long but especially around the holidays.

Make time for it, plan it and do it!

You can’t give much if your tank is empty.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it momma’s, 10 tips for a stress free holiday season.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and fun. Don’t let the holiday season become more stressful than it needs to be.

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How to be less stressed out this Christmas. Simplify the holidays. 10 awesome tips to help make sure you have a stress free holiday season.

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