Get Organized For Thanksgiving – 7 Day Plan

Want to get organized for Thanksgiving without it being stressful?

Get organized for Thanksgiving without it being stressful! I have broken down a 7 day plan so you can have the most organized Thanksgiving yet.

I gotcha momma!

If you are hosting Thanksgiving, it could be exhausting trying to prepare for it. The food, the cleaning and everything in between. It’s a lot!


I have broken down a 7 day plan so you can have the most organized Thanksgiving yet.

Let’s get organized for Thanksgiving!

7 Days Before / Planning Day

Plan Your Menu – Go over and write down exactly what you are planning to serve for Thanksgiving. Do not forget to include any drinks you are planning to have. If you need inspiration for side dishes Good Housekeeping has an amazing list to choose from!

Delegate Thanksgiving Dishes – You do not have to cook everything yourself for a fabulous Thanksgiving meal. If your guests are bringing something make a note of what they are bringing. Ask that they bring whatever they are making ready to just heat and serve.

Plan Your Guest List – See who is coming and make a guest list.

Write Your Grocery Lists – I like to write 2 grocery lists when I get my meal organized for Thanksgiving. One should have the items I can buy ahead of time such as the turkey, liquor or drinks and things like butter and stuffing.

The other list should include the perishable items such as green beans or anything fresh to buy closer to Thanksgiving that will not spoil.

Plan Your Tablescape – Get out your table cloths, napkins and dishes. Take an inventory of what you have and see what you might need. If you are planning a centerpiece now is a good time to plan that out.

Clean Out Your Fridge and Freezer – You are going to need room in your fridge and freezer now is a good time to give those areas a good clean out. That way as you are buying your items there is plenty of room without having to worry about it.

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Check Your Cookware – Check your serving dishes, spoons etc. Make sure you have enough pots and pans depending on what you plan on making.

6 Days Before / Shopping and Guest Areas

Shop for your non – perishables – Today is when I like to buy my turkey and things I know the store might run out of quickly. Grab your potatoes, drinks, butter and dessert items now so you can make sure you get everything you need now that the grocery store is stocked.

Do not forget to include anything you might need for your table or decor items.

Wash Any Guest Towels and Bedding – If you are having guests stay over for Thanksgiving, now is a good time to wash any bedding or towels they will be using.

Clean The Guest Room – Give your guest room a good deep clean for your guests. make the bed with fresh linens.

Clean The Guest Bathroom – The same goes for the bathroom. If you have a guest bathroom give it good clean. Lay out fresh hand towels and some travel items so your guests feel right at home.

5 Days Before / Cleaning

Clean The Rest Of Your Home – Now is when I focus on the rest of my home. If you follow my weekly cleaning schedule this should be a breeze to clean. Focus on the main areas if you are short on time but give your entire house a good once over.

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Wash Dishes and Glassware – Fancy dishes often are packed away and sit all year long. Now is a good time to give those a quick wash to get off any smells that they might have from not being used as frequently.

4 Days Before – Shopping and Food Prep

Shop For Your Perishable Items – Grab those last few items from the grocery store that is on your second list.

Defrost Your Turkey – Set your turkey out on the fridge on this day to give it time to thaw out. Place a pan under the turkey as it thaws out that way just in case it drips you will not cross contaminate other foods.

Make What You Can Now To Freeze – The way I get organized for Thanksgiving side dishes is prep! See if there are any dishes you can make ahead of time to freeze them. Most casseroles freeze beautifully, so you could make those now. It’s one less thing to cook on the day of Thanksgiving.

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3 Days Before / Placement

Arrange Your Table(s) – If you are having more than one table now is a good time to get that set up. Arrange the tables how you would like and make sure you have enough chairs.

Seating Cards – I do this for larger crowds when I have Thanksgiving. It makes it so much easier placing people where they need to be. I like to be closest to the kitchen, my sister usually is with the kiddos so she can help them. If you plan on seating cards you should make those now and get an idea of where everyone will sit.

Clean Up Your Entry Way – Give your entry way a quick clean up. Sweep off the porch, make sure you have room for coats to hang up and give your front door a wipe down.

2 Days Before / Staging

Defrost Frozen Dishes – If you made any frozen sides or dishes now is a good time to set them in your fridge to defrost. That way the day of you can just pop them in the oven to reheat.

Prepare Your Cooking Schedule – Sit down with your menu and see how your time line for cooking will go. Start with what time you want to serve and count backwards for the main star of the show, the turkey.

Decorate Areas – Decorate any areas of your home that you would like.

Set Your Table – Now is a good time to set the table. Place your fresh table cloths on them. Set out the plates and napkins, the whole thing. If you have a bar make sure that is ready as well.

1 Day Before / Go Time

Make Your Pies and Desserts – Pies and various desserts do not have to be made the day of, so I like to make these and let them cool. Place them into a cake dome or any serving dish you would like and cover. Dessert is done.

Prep All Your Ingredients – Chopping, mincing, dicing, you get the point. Meal prep all those little busy work things that have to get done. If you have any dips that you are serving make those today too.

Layout Your Recipes and Dry Ingredients – Make sure you have all your recipes ready to go and their are ingredients accessible.

Speed Clean – Since you already deep cleaned your home a couple of days ago there is no need to go back and do it again. But, you want to check the bathrooms, vacuum high traffic areas etc. This is the time for spot speed cleaning to make sure everything is looking fresh. Check your toilet paper and soaps in all your bathrooms as well.

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Check Your Guest Areas – Go back to your guest areas and make sure they are looking as fabulous as you left them.

Thanksgiving Day

You’ve prepped and prepared the whole week, you got this.

Follow your cooking schedule and clean up the kitchen as you go. Relax and have fun with your family an friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Get organized for Thanksgiving without it being stressful! I have broken down a 7 day plan so you can have the most organized Thanksgiving yet.

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