Successful Summer Schedule For Kids + Printable

Creating a successful summer schedule for kids is so important for your summer to run smoothly. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

When summer hits and there is no structure, it could end in chaos and make it a lot harder to transition back to school.

Tips to create a successful summer schedule for kids and and staying in a routine for the best summer ever. Summer routine printables included!

When my kids started school years ago, I quickly realized how important keeping some sort of schedule was.

For all of us!

It helped keep everyone’s sleep patterns on track – most importanty!

This helped with day time activities. When everyone was well rested and into a good sleeping routine it made the days of summer so much easier.

This summer routine has not changed much over the years as my kids have grown.

They really have thrived on it!


Keep in mind a summer schedule for kids is meant to be a bit more flexible.

With these tips and a little planning, you can make this the best and easiest summer for your whole family.

1 – Don’t Over Schedule

It’s still summer break, the school year is busy enough.

Try to keep your summer as easy as possible and enjoy the down time.

During the summer I really try to limit the activities my kids are in. That way we get to recharge for the summer a little more than the school year.

The last thing you want to do is feel like you don’t have time for everything because your constantly rushing from here to there.

The summer should be a recharge for the kids too.

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2 – Maintain A Solid Morning and Evening Routine

Kids thrive on routines.

When kids are in school their day is very routine. They eat lunch at the same time and start certain assignments at the same time each day.

So I try to keep that same rhythm over the summer, within reason.

Keeping a solid morning and evening routine in place can help keep everyone on task.

Morning routine – wake up the same time every morning, eat breakfast, chores or reading.

Evening routine – eat dinner at the same time, showers/bath and keep the same bedtime every night.

Just by keeping those areas in place allows for less chaos and more structure for everyone during the summer.

3 – Plan For Free Time

Over the summer I usually take things hour by hour.

There is no need to micromanage in 15-minute increments, like in the school year.


I always add in free time!

Kids can choose a quiet activity or screen time. But it is planned. This allows for mom to get some down time too.

You know that point in the day where everyone just needs their own space.

Usually for us its around 3 – 4 pm. By this point everyone gets a little cranky and tired.

Free time is a great way to let the kids do what they want, so the summer routine does not feel so structured.

4 – Create Theme Days

Within the summer routine, theme days are fun for everyone.

Each day of the week you can pick something different but still keeping them the same every week.

Block off a certain amount of time in your day to focus on the fun theme project of the day.

Don’t just try to squeeze it into the day, plan instead.

Your theme week could look like this:

  • Monday – Make Something Monday

Create a fun craft!

  • Tuesday – Trip Tuesday

Plan somewhere fun to take the kids.

  • Wednesday – Whip Up Something Delicious Wednesday

Baking, making popsicles or anything in the kitchen.

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  • Thursday – Thinking Thursday

Visit the library or do something educational.

  • Friday – Fun Friday

Let the kids pick what to do

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5 – Be Realistic In Your Routine

Things do not always go as planned, so keep that in mind when creating your summer schedule for kids.

This is why its a guide. It is just supposed to help with the structure of the day not something you need to stick with exactly minute by minute.

Keep it simple.

Pick three to five things to work on into the routine.

A morning routine is a great place to start and build from there.

Figure out what works best for your families situation, as every family is different.

Summer Schedule For Kids Printables:

Summer Schedule Printables


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    Our Kids Summer Routine

    Just to get you an example of what our summer routine looks like, here is an outline for you.

    This has what has worked for us almost every summer. But, keep in mind it’s not something we stick to minute by minute. This is just a guideline.

    6:00 am – mom wakes up – gym time

    7:00 am – kids wake up (they are early risers naturally)

    8:00 am – breakfast (unless they have made it before hand themselves)

    9:00 am – morning routine

    • Make beds
    • Get dressed & Brush Teeth
    • Chores

    10:00 am – Kids play usually outside / snacks – mom works

    12:00 pm lunchtime

    12:30 theme day activity

    3:30 free time/ quiet time/ snack

    5:00 dinner/ family time

    6:00 clean up/ play outside or take a walk

    7:30 nighttime routine

    • Showers
    • Read

    8:30 – Bedtime for the kids

    • After the kids are in bed I shower, work and catch up with my husband.

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