40 Fun Frugal Summer Activities For Kids

Summer is fast approaching and I know what you are thinking how can I entertain my kids on a budget.

The summer can get very expensive quickly.

I start to plan ahead for two reasons:

1 – I do not want to hear “I’m bored” all summer long

2 – Stick to a budget

So today I came up with fun frugal summer activities to do that will help you solve both!

Summer can be expensive. Here are 40 fun free and frugal summer activities that will keep your kids entertained all summer long without breaking the bank.

40 Frugal Summer Activities To Do This Summer That Will Keep Your Kids Entertained On Shoestring Budget

1 – Wash The Cars

Kids love playing in the water, even older kids. Why not create fun and a chore all in one and have them help wash the car.

2 – Play In The Spinklers

Invest in a fun new sprinkler for the back yard. This could be hours of fun for the kids.

3 – Have A Water Balloon Fight

Probably my kids favorite water activity is a good old water balloon fight. Invite neighbors or friends over to make a fun afternoon.

4 – Visit A Water Pad

Many areas have water pads complete with tons of water activities for kids. Check your local areas and take the kids.

5 – Make A Backyard Slip and Slide

You could buy one or just make your own with a tarp, some anchors and the hose in your backyard.

Check out this DIY Slip N Slide

6 – Bake Cookies

Who doesn’t love fresh homemade cookies?

Grab your favorite cookie recipe and bake away.

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7 – Create Different Popsicles

There are so many different kinds of homemade popsicles you can make!

Using just a few ingredients like fruit, yogurt or juice the possibilities are endless. Use your imagination coming up with new recipes.

8 – Make Rice Krispie Treats

You can go with the traditional recipe or have a little fun.

Almost any cereal can be made into a marshmallow treat!

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9 – Make Homemade Pizza

You can make homemade English Muffin pizza’s or make dough to create your own.

I like to buy the pre-made dough at my local grocery store.

I cut it down into quarters and my kids can make their own pizza’s with topping they love.

Some of the best fun frugal summer activities can be right in your own home with a little creativity.

10 – Go Bowling

Check your local bowling alley for their summer kids program.

Many offer this!

You can get 2 free games per day for kids as long as you sign up, all you do is pay for renting shoes.

11 – Play Mini Golf

Check your local mini golf places, some offer discounts over the summer on certain days of the week.

12 – Visit A Museum

Many museums offer a discount or a free day to visit!

Check your local museums and see if you can explore for free.

13 – See A Movie

Stone Theaters offers $1 movies over the summer. Most of them are older movies but you can’t beat the price!

14 – Take A Bike Ride

Explore your neighborhood with a good old bike or scooter ride.

Anything on wheels will do here.

15 – Go On A Hike

Or set out on foot! Take a stroll around a new trail or just the streets in your area.

16 – Collect Rocks and Paint Them

While you are on your hike look for rocks to paint.

Then you can put them in your garden.

17 – Plant a Garden

My kids are obsessed with this idea for summer.

Planting herbs, veggies or fruits can be so much fun for kids.

18 – Make Play Dough

Kids love play dough, but why not make your own!

Edible Peanut Butter Playdough

19 – Have a Movie Day or Movie Night

If the weather is not the best, cuddle up and stay in for a movie day.

How To Make Family Movie Night More Fun

20 – Do A Puzzle

Many of our puzzles come right from Dollar Tree!

21 – Visit The Library

The library always has fun activities for the kids over the summer.

They have arts and crafts, summer reading challenges and even read aloud story time or movies.

22 – Build Something

My son loves building anything!

Check out Home Depot for free kids classes that they offer. Or you can build something at home.

For older children check your thrift stores and refurbish something!

Little kids love building LEGO’s.

23 – Make A Fort

This had to be added to my frugal summer activities list. It never gets old!

Make a fort inside your living room and read books or you can do this in the backyard. Great afternoon snack spot!

24 – Go Camping

Another one you can do inside or outside.

Create a “camp site” right inside your living room.

25 – Go On A Scavenger Hunt

There are so many things to find when it comes to scavanger hunts.

And, kids love them!

Check out these free printable scavenger hunts for summer

26 – Read A Book Series

You can read them to your kids or have them read to you over the summer break.

This makes for great talks!

27 – Visit The Farmers Market

You can always find fun treasures at the farmers market.

Go without a plan and see what you can buy to make dinner with your kids that night.

28 – Paint or Draw

I love heading to the Dollar Tree for art supplies. They have sketch books my kids love to create drawings on.

Or grab a canvas and paint works of art for their room.

29 – Go To The Park

Any sort of park will do here.

Playgrounds, basketball court or a good field for playing soccer or baseball.

30 – Teach A Life Skill

Take advantage of the downtime to teach them a life skill.

Like doing the laundry, making their bed or helping prepare meals.

The possibilities are endless.

31 – Make Bark

Making bark is so simple that even little kids can help decorate!

White Chocolate Bark with M&M’s

32 – Play Goldfish Checkers

Snack time and a game all in one.

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33 – Make A Obstacle Course

Kids will love using their imagination here.

Grab some pool noodles, tubes anything you can find and make an obstacle course.

Sometimes they will have more fun building the perfect course itself.

34 – Do A Word Search

There are tons of free printables you can find online to keep kids entertained this summer.

5 Free Summer Activity Printable Worksheets

35 – Catch Fireflies

We all did this as a child I am sure. I remember spending hours during the summer catching fireflies and releasing them.

36 – Make Your Own Jewelry

Head to your local craft store for some simple jewelry making supplies.

Older children can use beads, smaller children can use pasta noodles.

37 – Have A “Potato Sack Race”

Grab some old pillowcases and plan for a potato sack race. If you do not care about the pillowcases have your kids color or paint them to make them their own.

38 – Make A Bird House

You can find little bird houses almost everywhere.

Let the kids paint them to create their own special touch.

39 – Make A Scrapbook

Scrapbooking does not have to be expensive for kids.

Construction paper with their own drawings is just fine.

40 – Take Pictures

Not only for the memories from your summer but see what your kids will capture on their own.

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Summer can be expensive. Here are 40 fun free and frugal summer activities that will keep your kids entertained all summer long without breaking the bank.

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