Morning Habits Of Productive Moms

Are you struggling with productivity as a mom?

Productivity starts in the morning.

Think of it as a kick start to your day.

The better morning routine you have the better your day will be. Many successful people will tell you they follow a strict morning routine.

And, there is a reason for it.

They get more done every day and feel accomplished.

Are you struggling with productivity as a mom? A morning routine is key! Here are 11 morning habits of productive moms to get more done.

Here are 11 morning habits of productive moms to start their day off right.

1 – Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is so important for our mind and bodies.

Try to aim for at least 7 hours each night of restful sleep each night.

By creating a calm environment before you go to bed will allow you to fall asleep faster.

That means no distractions here. As hard as it is, try not to be on your phone right before bedtime.

Lately, I have set my phone to sleep mode at night.

The do not disturb during bedtime has helped me be able to get to bed earlier.

It reminds me 15 minutes before when it is time to go to bed and silences anything that may come across my phone when I am trying to sleep.

Get into the habit of doing something relaxing before bed too.

Take a bath, journal or read a book. Anything to relax your body to prep it for bedtime.

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2 – Wake Up Early Preferably Before Your Kids

I am sure you have seen so many people talking about getting up at 5 am each morning, right?

The number one morning habits of successful people are waking up extremely early.

Now, there is some truth to this!

By waking up early before your kids you have an amount of time to do things without distractions.

Now I hear you, you might not be a morning person, I am not a morning person either. My husband and children will tell you that.

But, when I make it a habit to get up early I am so much more productive during the day.

The key is to make it a habit. Do this every day no matter if it’s a workday, school day or weekend. Try to be consistent at waking up early and at the same time every morning.

Oprah is such a great example of this. In her interview with Parade, she talks about a day in her life. She makes sure she is up early ready to tackle her day.

3 – Do Not Hit The Snooze Button

Who else is a snooze button mom?

I was too!

My phone is my alarm and I can not tell you how many alarms I had.

One went off at 5:45, then another at 5:50 and so on and so on. Before I knew it I was snoozing my way until 6:30 to only find myself rushing and more tired.

By hitting the snooze button you are making it harder for you to wake up each morning.

Those extra 5 minutes here and another 10 minutes there is not quality of sleep.

You are better off going to bed a little earlier gradually so you get the right amount of sleep rather than snoozing.

4 – Do Not Reach For Your Phone or Any Electronics

Just as before bed you should not be reaching for your phone first thing in the morning.

Don’t check emails, get on Facebook or scroll Instagram.

It can wait.

Ease your mind into the day and avoid these distractions.

If you want to be productive use your time better first thing in the morning.

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5 – Get Ready To Tackle The Day

This tip is for my stay at home moms or work at home moms mostly.

Just because you are going to be home does not mean staying in your comfortable sweats all day.

Get dressed, fix your hair and throw on some makeup if you wear it.

I made this mistake for far too long myself. And you know what I didn’t feel good about myself.

I never realized what a difference it made in my attitude towards myself.

It sounds silly, but I spent far too long feeling frumpy. I thought to myself well, I am home all day no one will see the hot mess.

But I did!

Now I dress like I am leaving the house every day. Even though I work from home I make it a point to put myself together for me.

6 – Prep The Night Before

I can not stress this tip enough.

The biggest morning habits of productive moms are prepping the night before.

Prep as much as you can!

If you have kids in school prep their lunches. Make sure their backpacks are ready to go by the front door.

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Make your meals ahead of time too. If you stay at home, work or work from home make your day easier by having everything ready for you.

Lay out your kids clothes the night before.

Don’t forget to lay out yours as well.

Stay a day ahead and prep everything you can so you are not rushing the next day.

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7 – Have A To-Do List Ready

Along with prepping everything the night before include your to-do list.

I personally plan out my entire week on Sunday.

Each Sunday night I sit down and write out my daily to do lists for the week.

But, each night I go over the following day to make sure I haven’t missed anything or if I need to move things around.

That way I am ready to dive in first thing the next day when my day starts.

8 – Create A Morning Routine

Morning routines are great for productivity.

Once you create a good morning routine your morning will eventually run like clockwork.

Try to get up at the same time every morning, workout, make your bed, get your kids ready.

Maybe it might be cleaning tasks you include in your morning routine.

Whatever your morning routine looks keep it the same to make it habit.

Eventually, you won’t even have to think about what comes next you’ll just naturally do it, which will boost your productivity.

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9 – Create Specific Goals For The Day

This is something to think about when you are making your to-do list.

When you look at morning habits of productive moms they make very specific goals.

The whole point is to get something crossed off your list or accomplish something, right?

When planning out your day or week think of a very specific task you want to do.

Break it down into smaller goals.

For example this week you want to organize your kitchen.

But, writing organize kitchen is a daunting phrase.

Instead look at it smaller.

Go through the upper cabinets, lower cabinets, drawers and so on.

Be very specific in all your goals but remember to break them down to work towards the end goal.

Keep in mind the SMART goal rule:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time

10 – Take A Few Minutes For Yourself

Morning habits of productive moms make time for themselves.

This is why I recommend you waking up before your kids.

You can use this time to journal, workout or spend a little more time getting yourself ready for the day.

Use this uninterrupted time for YOU.

When you put time into self-care you will have more energy to give your family.

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Think about it, misery loves company right? We are so busy taking care of others when you are a mom. You will eventually burn out and become miserable on the inside and probably project that on the outside.

So, take care of you invest the time. When you feel good about yourself, getting enough rest and doing something for you it shows!

11 – Hydrate

When I say hydrate, I do not mean coffee first.

Gulp, I know I run on coffee so this is a battle for me too.

Your body and brain need water first thing. By drinking coffee you are not hydrating yourself properly after 7 hours of fasting.

Make a habit of drinking a large glass of water every morning first.

Not only will this help with hydration but it will kick start your energy and will make sure your metabolism is running properly throughout the day.

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Are you struggling with productivity as a mom? A morning routine is key! Here are 11 morning habits of productive moms to get more done.

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