Tricks To Keep Your House Clean

Want to know how to keep your house clean every day?


That’s right!

By creating good habits you can keep your house clean!

Tricks To Keep Your House Clean all the time when you are a busy mom

And it is simpler than you think.

Housekeeping does not have to be a dreaded chore!

Here are 10 tricks to keep your home clean with minimal effort.

1 – Make Your Bed

To some people making their bed everyday seems like a waste of time but it makes all the difference.

It really takes all but a few minutes to make your bed each morning.

Just by making your bed it will start your day off right and you will feel more productive!

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Get your kids in this habit too!

To make things easier, simpilfy your bedding.

For us, no one uses a top sheet. I found that it winds up bunched up every night anyway.

So each morning all I do is straighten the bottom sheet. Throw the comforters and pillows on top nicely and in no time it feels like a comfortable space.

2 – Establish Good Cleaning Routines

A great way to keep your house clean is to establish cleaning routines that will put your home on autopilot.

Part of my nightly routine is cleaning my kitchen. I wake up every morning to a nice shiny kitchen and a jump start to my day.

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It makes each morning so much easier!

When you break up things into smaller chunks keeping your home clean will seem like a less daunting task.

This goes with my weekly cleaning routine.

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I break up my days into smaller sections of my house.

But by having regular morning and night cleaning routines, my weekly cleaning schedule is a breeze.

3 – Do A Load Of Laundry Every Day

Laundry is my least favorite house chore.

With a family of 5 the laundry seems never ending. So to stay on top of it, do a load of laundry each day.

Make that one load of laundry a priority so you can fully wash, dry and put it away before you go to bed.

If you have a delay on your washing machine use it to your advantage.

I try to set mine up the night before. I will set the delay for about an hour before I wake up. That way I can switch it to the dryer first thing in the morning.

If that does not work for you set it for when you come home after work. That way you can switch it over and get it put away the same day.

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4 – Don’t Let Things Pile Up

Tackle the clutter to keep your house clean.

Junk mail, school papers or just clutter. Take care of those items right away.

Try to make it a habit by going through everything when you receive it.

The little time each day it takes you to go through things the less it will pile up and become overwhelming.

5 – Put Everything Away After You Use Them

This is an obvious trick to some but I think many do not follow through here.

Putting things away as you go will ensure for a tidy home.

After you come home put your shoes away where they belong. Or when you get undressed every night make sure your clothes go into the hamper instead of on the floor.

Same thing goes for my kids make a drop zone for them for their backpacks and school items. As soon as they walk into the door make sure the items go where they need to.

6 – Do Not Wear Shoes In Your House

The easiest way to keep your house clean, leave your shoes at the door.

I have a no shoes rule in my house for many reasons. But, the main reason is dirt.

Shoes will tend to track in a lot of dirt.

I have shoe mats at each door for my whole family that way the dirt is contained and I just have to keep up with that area.

Plus, my hardwood floors show everything so I have to mop less often when no one wears shoes in my house.

7 – Clean As You Go

Again, this may be an obvious one but not to some.

Cleaning as you go saves you so much time!

I do this a lot when I am cooking dinner each night.

Then, I will start to clean one area of my kitchen that I know is no longer needed as I cook.

I load the dishes as I am cooking into the dishwasher.

Same thing with just walking through my house.

When I walk into a room and see something that does not belong I will grab it and put it away.

8 – Keep Your Sink Empty

Keep your house clean by having a shiny sink.

Make it a habit to keep your kitchen sink clean and empty at all times.

I have gotten into the habit of unloading my dishwasher right before bed. That way I can start my day loading breakfast dishes right away.

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If you do not have the time at night to unload it, make sure that is one of the first things you do each morning.

By taking care of dirty dishes as they happen will create less mess and work by scrubbing caked on food later.

9 – Know When It Is Good Enough

Your home is never going to be spotless.

I am a perfectionist so this one is a little hard for me.

I chose to focus on the little things each day to make it good enough.

And, I am okay with that!

Your goal here is not to have a spotless home it is just to keep things flowing and to prevent overwhelem.

Not everything needs to be deep cleaned every day or even every month.

Focus on just maintaining areas so when you are ready to deep clean its more manageable.

10 – Invest In The Right Tools

Tools to keep your house clean is a very important tip.

Try to find an all purpose cleaner you love. One that will clean almost every surface in your home.

The fewer products you have the more space you’ll gain in your cleaning tote and cleaning will take a shorter amount of time.

I highly suggest looking into a automatic vacuum if you can.

It’s one less task you will have to keep up with. If you have little kids this is a dream!

I would run mine after each meal just in my dining room when they were little.

It freed up time each day constantly sweeping up crumbs.

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Tricks To Keep Your House Clean all the time when you are a busy mom

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Printable

Free weekly cleaning schedule cheat sheet new

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  1. As I am heading to another room in the house I pick things up as I go and return them to their home as I go.
    I keep cleaning products in each bathroom so they are handy as each cleanup is needed.
    When cooking, I get everything I need out before I start. That way I won’t leave any ingredients out, and everything gets cleaned or put away as it is used.
    These good habits can be an example to the rest of the family.