14 Habits of An Organized Mom

Ah, the organized mom!

Do you know that mom that looks like she has it all together? The mom at parent drop off that looks like she had the most peaceful morning getting everyone ready for school…

She looks like she got plenty of sleep the night before…

She looks like super mom running her home, volunteering at school and has a career on top of that.

Well, no one has it all together!

But these moms have a secret – they are a highly organized mom.

Are you an overwhelmed mom trying to keep up? You can become an organized mom with these simple habits that will change your life and be more productive with less stress.

We are stretched so thin these days that being an organized mom and staying one step ahead of the game is key!

These organized moms have developed amazing simple habits that are easy to follow but make all the difference.

Here are 14 Habits of An Organized Mom to help make mom life a whole lot easier!

1 – Create Routines

I’ll start with my favorite organized mom habit!


I love my routines and I use them a ton in my day to day life.

When you set routines in your day to day life it takes the guess work out of what comes next.

Children thrive on routines but so do moms!

Having good routines for yourself can and will make you more productive, less stressed and a more organized mom overall.

Just take a look at my weekly cleaning routine.

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It takes the guess work out of what to do, where to start and by the end of the week your home is clean in less than an hour a day.

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2 – Make To Do Lists

Organized moms have a plan.

By having a to do list every day helps you clear out your mind.

There is just something that feels good about writing down all the things you have to do.

And, being able to cross it off as you complete each task.

Organized mom secret to make a to-do list but make it attainable!

If you make a daily to do list make sure you can complete it today.

No one wants to set themselves up for failure. So when you sit down writing all the things you need to get done make sure you can complete those tasks.

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3 – Meal Plan

Meal planning has saved me tons of time and money.

If you are new to meal planning you can start by just planning out a week at a time.

If a monthly schedule works better by all means go ahead and plan it out.

Figure out what works for you and your family.

By having a meal plan each week it takes the guess work of what’s for dinner?

You already have a plan written out!

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Sit down each week and go over your schedule. Those busy nights plan to make a quick meal or something you can throw into your slowcooker.

It takes very little time to plan and you will find your weeks run so much smoother when you have meals planned out for you according to your schedule.

4 – Wake Up A Little Earlier

Now I know what you are thinking.

My kids get up too early, there is no way I can get up any earlier.

However, by getting up just 15 minutes before your house can do wonders for your day.

Take that time to get a quick shower, or plan your to do list.

This allows you some time to think before the busy mornings happen.

5 – Nail Down A Night Time Routine For You and Your Family

Night routines are probably the most important routine an organized mom uses.

Get your house completely ready for the next morning is the goal here.

Things to include are:

  • Making kids lunches for the next day
  • Making sure their backpacks are ready to go
  • Picking out everyone’s clothes, including yours
  • Make sure you have the things you need for work ready

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6 – Do A Load Of Laundry A Day

No more piles of dirty clothes and over flowing hampers.

Once you create a one load of laundry a day policy you will never spend hours doing laundry again.

I throw in a load of laundry each night before I go to bed. Then I set it to an automatic start for about an hour before I wake up.

Once I am up that morning I switch it over into the dryer and it is dry before I even leave the house in the morning.

You can fold it and put it away later.

A simple routine that organized moms swear by.

7 – Create A Command Center

A command center is an organized mom ultimate successful trick.

Having everything you need right there so all of your family knows what is going on.

Things to include in a command center are:

  • Dry erase monthly calendar – write down kid’s activities, meetings and appointments.
  • Weekly meal plan – every one knows whats for dinner that night
  • Chore charts – laminated chore charts so your kids can help
  • Important papers – school calendars, party invitations etc.

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8 – Batch Your Errands

Try to designate one day a week to running errands if you can.

By batching your errands all into one day saves you time, money on gas and having to quickly run out on days that are busy.

The best habit of an organized mom is to make the most out of the time you have.

9 – Grocery Shop Less

Make one weekly trip to the grocery store.

Plan your list each week with your meal plan and get everything you need that week in one trip.

If your grocery store offers grocery pick up, try it!

I do this in the summer and let me tell you not only do I save time but sanity.

Is it just my kids or do yours hate going to the grocery store?

This is a battle I choose not to fight so I order my groceries online during the summer.

10 – Declutter Regularly

Clutter can be very overwhelming to deal with if you allow it to pile up.

An organized mom will tell you the more clutter you have the more overwhelming it can be.

Go through things regularly such as kids clothing and household items you no longer need.

Paper clutter too!

Toss junk mail, coupons that have expired and old receipts the second you can.

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11 – Meal Prep

Prep anything you can on your grocery shopping day or on a day that works for you.

Wash your fruits, cut your veggies anything you can prep ahead of time is a win for every organized mom.

Go through your meal plan for that week and see if anything can be prepped before hand saving you even more time during the week.

12 – Create A Drop Zone

The key to being an organized mom is to have simple systems in place.

Like the command center you should also have a drop zone.

A place where backpacks go, keys, shoes, your purse.

Anything that you need to walk out of the house with should all be in one centralized location for easy access.

13 – Set Deadlines

By setting deadlines for yourself you will more likely to make your task a priority.

But, just like your to do list keep it realistic.

Break up bigger goals into smaller chunks.

An organized mom will tell you by working towards a goal little by little and setting a deadline to get it finished is the key to successfully getting it done.

14 – Plan Your Week Every Sunday

This is so important to set yourself up for a successful week and hit the ground running on Monday.

Take some time each Sunday to write out everything you need to do, places you need to be and everything in between for the week ahead.

So you see being an organized mom is just planning ahead. Taking a few minutes each day to get things done.

Are there any organized mom habits you have? I’d love to know in the comments.

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Are you an overwhelmed mom trying to keep up? You can become an organized mom with these simple habits

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Printable

Free weekly cleaning schedule cheat sheet new

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