How To Create A Nightly Cleaning Routine

A nightly cleaning routine is something I have had for years.

Even when I had little kids there was something about creating routines that just made me at peace.

I felt calmer not having to think what do I do next. It starts to become a habit.

How to create a successful nightly cleaning routine for a stress free morning.

Which means less stress of trying to keep up with everything.

This is especially important when taking care of your home.

We momma’s, do not have time for long weekly cleaning routines, am I right? So by tackling a little every day with cleaning routines can save you so much time and energy!

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When creating a nightly cleaning routine the goal is to set yourself up for sucess the following day.

Take a look at the time you have each night. For me I dedicate about 30 – 45 minutes each night.

Try to set aside the time each night to create a nightly cleaning routine that works for your family.

My children are at the age where they can help me, but if your kids are little you can try to take on your nightly cleaning routine after they are in bed.

Again the goal here is to wake up to a cleaner home so you are not overwhelmed the second you wake up.

Once you get into a nightly cleaning routine your home feels and looks better with very minimal effort.

The secret to maintaining a cleaning looking home at all times is to do a little each day.

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I look at it like this. Most of us have a skincare routine, right? So this is the same thing just for your home.

I’m sure your skincare routine has become second nature by now. Take your makeup off, wash your face and apply your mosturizers and serums.

You are taking care of your skin each day so why not take 30 minutes each night for your home.

A nightly cleaning routine or anything cleaning routine for that matter will eventually eliminate the overwhelming tasks.

Since I have started creating little cleaning routines, I never have to “deep clean” much in my home.

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I have more time to spend with my family and I am not spending all day cleaning my house.

So what does a nightly cleaning routine look like?

It could be anything that works for your family, however you really want to focus on your kitchen every night.

With as much time as a family spends in the kitchen each day this is the spot you want to wake up to clean.

I know I do not want to come down to make my coffee first thing to a dirty kitchen.

It will get me sidetracked if I find myself having to clean the dirty dishes from last nights dinner while I am trying to get my kids ready for school.

You have to try to see what you can get done each night that works for your family but I promise you creating a nightly cleaning routine works!

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If you have to make a to do list for your nightly cleaning routine.

Set a timer and see what you can actually get done in the time you have.

From there you can see what you got done and what tasks are important. Keep in mind this is not a deep clean but more like a tidy up make me feel good routine.

You are just looking to maintain the areas of your home so it does not pile up and become overwhelming.

In my house our nightly cleaning routine starts right after dinner most of the time. Since I focus on the kitchen, I like to get that done so I can move on to making sure my kids have their school paperwork signed, backpacks ready, clothes picked out and plenty of cuddling and bedtime reading.

I’ll break down extactly what I do for you for some ideas.

My Nightly Cleaning Routine:

1 – Leftovers and Dishes

I gather up all the leftovers from dinner into containers. While I am doing that, my kids clear their own plates and put them into the dishwasher or the sink if they need to be rinsed.

I tend to clean up as I cook so most of the items I use are already in the dishwasher. But the pots and pans I pile into the sink after I am done with putting all of the leftovers into the fridge.

** Side Note – Before I move into step 2 I make my kids lunches for the next day. I like to do this before I clean off the counters since I already have dirty counters.

I know this is not a cleaning task but it is part of my nightly cleaning routine.

2 – Counters and Surfaces

From here I spray and wipe everything down. This includes my kitchen counters, stove, table and chairs.

Keep in mind this is a quick wipe just to get the crumbs and spills.

I am loving the Method line to clean my home lately! The almond wood cleaner for my table smells AH-mazing!

3 – Load the Dishwasher and Clean The Sink

Any dishes that are left in the sink gets loaded into the dishwasher. If I need to hand wash any dishes I will do this too.

By this time my dishwasher is pretty full but I always run it each night even when it is not so I start off with a cleared out dishwasher the next day.

If I did not run it every day, dishes pile up into my sink and I try to stick to my nightly cleaning routine.

This is where I have time and if I was unloading the dishwasher let’s say at 5 o clock when I am making dinner it really does throw me off.

I will scrub the sink with hot soapy water and run my garbage disposal.

I like to run the garbage disposal each night with hot water to make sure everything is completely gone and it keeps it from building up.

4 – Floors

I will sweep up the crumbs and spot mop where I have to.

Most of the time this is basically around Garfield our cats bowls. He tends to make more of a mess with his food than my kids.

If there are any sticky spots I’ll quickly mop that.

5 – Take Out The Trash

This is part of my husbands nightly cleaning routine. He will take out the trash after I am basically done with the kitchen.

6 – Swap Dish Towels

I like to clear all the dish towels from the day to be washed and replace them with new ones for the next day.

7 – Pick up and Clutter

My kids and husband are in charge of this task.

They will pick up any toys or items that are around the house and put it where it belongs.

My nightly cleaning routine is pretty basic. It truly sets me up for the next day which is the goal.


How to create a successful nightly cleaning routine for a stress free morning.

If you are a visual kinda mom like me here is a daily routine printable to help you!

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