Time Saving Laundry Tips For Busy Moms

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Let’s talk time saving laundry tips today!

With a family of five, I feel like I am constantly doing laundry! I swear my kids just throw things in their hampers that are clean when they “clean their room”.

Laundry is not a chore I like, ok let me rephrase that. I do not mind throwing a load of laundry into the washing machine and dryer but the folding, never-ending folding became a lot especially when you have little kids.

It took me a few years to get a good laundry routine down and it did change when the kids became a little older that they can help.


Do not miss these time Saving Laundry Tips For Busy Moms. Take advantage of these laundry hacks to get more laundry done in less time.


But looking back I wish I would have implemented thises time saving laundry tips so many years ago.

It would have saved me so much time in the long run.

Time Saving Laundry Tips For Busy Moms


Laundry Schedule 


My first tip is to create a laundry schedule for your home.

There are a few ways to do this.


You can:

  • Pick a couple days a week just dedicated to doing laundry all day.
  • Or for me I do one load or more a day to keep up with it.


My laundry routine looks like this: 

  • Sunday – Kids sheets and bedding
  • Monday – Husband and my bedding
  • Tuesday – Saturday one load of towels or someone’s clothes each day.


Whatever schedule that works for you try to stick with it and it will eventually become a routine. You can have your laundry done like clockwork.




How To Clean Your House Fast

Ultimate Guide To A Tidy Home


How You Can Eliminate Tough Stains With Biz Stain Fighter


Use An All In One Stain Fighting Detergent 


I love when I find a good all in one product to use around my house, it makes my job so much easier when one product can be used in different ways.

For laundry, I love using BIZ. Since working with them this year I have no need to keep any other laundry product in my home.

Making it a win-win in the saving time department.

BIZ has replaced my regular laundry detergent and has more stain fighting power than other brands I have tried. They have more active ingredients to remove blood, grass stains, grape juice, chocolate, and even those tough deodorant stains.

It truly is an all in one product that I could not live without now.

BIZ is sold at many retailers to be sure to check out where you can find BIZ in your area.



Laundry Sorting 


I do not have a central location for laundry except for our bath towels.

Each of us has our own hampers for our daily dirty clothing. Since my kids rarely ever wear white I do not separate the colors, I just keep them all together.

My husband is really the only one that has a ton of white so those are separated by him in our three basket hamper.  Same with my delicates.

If you sort your laundry I highly recommend getting one of these three basket hampers. I have had mine for years and I love it!

You will not have to sort before you do laundry making it all that much easier.

When I am ready to start a load of laundry I check each hamper in the house and start one load from someones hamper. This way my kids or husband can know whos is whos when they help put them away.

This makes it so much easier for me to keep track of, especially since my boys are so close in size.

Now my towels go into one big laundry basket into my washroom. I just do those as needed.



Wash On Cold Water 


I mostly use the cold water setting when I was clothing. This keeps our clothes lasting a little longer and it helps with bleeding of colors when I wash together.

The only thing I use hot for is towels and bedding I feel it does a better job on those items.

If I buy something new I will wash in on warm on its own and then it becomes part of the load on cold the next time.

Time saving laundry hacks for busy moms



I Do Not Fold A lot Of Clothing Items 


Gasp! I could kick myself for this for not doing it sooner!

Have you ever tried to fold a onesie, I spent many years making sure my babies nursery rooms looked like a picture out of a magazine even down to their clothing.


My favorite time saving laundry tips are do not fold everything.

This goes for my whole family.

Shirts get hung up for the most part. Pajamas get tossed into a drawer, same with underwear and my workout clothes. I use these sorters for little items like underwear and socks to keep drawers cleaner and more organized.

Really the only things I fold are shorts and pants.

This is especially a time saver for my kids.

I try to have them put their clothes away the same day they are washed so this makes it easier for them and less of a struggle for me to get them to do it.


So there you go, mommas, my time saving laundry tips. I feel less of a slave to my laundry room and even without anyone pitching in laundry has become less of a dreaded chore for me.

Do you have any time saving laundry tips you would like to add that you do? I’d love to hear them in the comments.




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