Simple Monthly Cleaning Schedule + Printable

Creating daily and weekly cleaning schedules are important for keeping a clean and organized home.


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For my daily cleaning, I basically tidy up my home, clean the kitchen, sweep the kitchen floor after dinner and do a load of laundry daily.

Since we are so busy a weekly cleaning schedule is all I need to keep my home clean at all times.


Simple Monthly Cleaning Schedule + Printable


My weekly cleaning schedule is a deeper cleaning but still very simple tasks like cleaning the bathroom and dusting. I can get these chores done within an hour or less each day.

But I choose to miss certain things to keep them for my monthly cleaning schedule.

Once a month I like to clean the things that do not need to be cleaned all the time. During the week as I am cleaning let’s say my bathroom, I do not have the time to get the baseboards or the light fixtures.

These are the items that can wait and do not need to be wiped off all the time.


So here are the places you should be focusing on for your monthly cleaning schedule.



Ceiling Fans

I simply take a Swiffer to mine. You would be surprised how much dust collects on the blades.


High Corners

You can use a duster or a broom here. Go around each room and get those high corners where the walls meet your ceiling and wipe any cobwebs that may be living there.


Light Fixtures

I use my Swiffer for this as well. A quick wipe of each light fixture from the inside out will do here.



Kids love this one and can help! Grab yourself some dryer sheets and rubberband them to a broom. Walk around each room and wipe down those baseboards.

Some areas might require a good scrub but this job takes no time at all and you will be impressed at what a difference it makes!


Weekly Cleaning Schedule Printable

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Air Vents

I like to vacuum my air vents once a month. Don’t forget to get those bathroom fans as well. These trap dust like you would not believe!


Window Treatments

You can your curtains down to wash or give them a good vacuuming like I do.

For the blinds grab an old sock and get all the dirt that is clinging on. I have the faux wood white blinds and they attract dirt like crazy!


Wash Bathmats

Grab all those bathmats and give them a good wash!


Vacuum Furniture

Remove all the cushions and vacuum away. Especially if you have little kids! I am ashamed of what I have found hiding in my couches at times.

If you are looking for a new vacuum. I recently purchased this Shark Vacuum. I highly recommend it!

If you have slipcovers now is a great time to wash those as well.

Any stains? Treat those while you are there too. Your furniture will look new.



Deep Clean Inside of Appliances

In my weekly cleaning I clean out my fridge and microwave but I do not really give a deep clean. I save that for my once a monthly cleaning schedule.

Really wipe down all the shelves in your fridge and freezers. I also deep clean the oven and dishwasher for that extra shine.

Don’t forget those deep freezers or extra fridges you have in your garage too!



Grab some glass cleaner and hit those windows and windowsills. I try to do this on a cloudy day since it leaves less streaking.


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Make your monthly cleaning schedule work for you and your family. I do not tackle these all in one day!


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Simple Monthly Cleaning Schedule + Printable




I take two Saturdays a month to focus on just my monthly cleaning schedule. It takes me less time that way and I do not feel like I’ve been cleaning for 8 hours.

But hey if you have the stamina or time go for it in one day or break it up into smaller chunks where you have some free time.

I created a cheat sheet with all the items I have listed for you to mark off as you go along each month to make it super easy peasy.


Monthly Cleaning Schedule Cheat Sheet Printable

Download HERE

Monthly Cleaning Checklist printable


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