How To Create A Stress Free School Morning Routine

Yesterday I shared how to create a School Night Routine that works and today is all about the mornings.

School mornings used to be so hectic in my house. Trying to get all three kids dressed, fed and out the door for school was a nightmare.

You guys know how important routines are for me. I really do swear by them. Now they have become a habit.


How To Create A Stress Free School Morning Routine for back to school


Many years ago when I first became a mom I set up my own morning and night routines. I made me feel more productive and I got way more done without extra stress.

For some reason, I never thought to give my kids a School Morning Routine of their own.

It was basically ready set go and out the door.


A few years ago it finally clicked! I have an after-school routine, they see me do my morning routine I should lead by example and figure out a way to get everyone on the same page.

Kids need structure, and building routines is a great way to make them feel comfortable know what is happening next.


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So if you want a stress free school mornings. A School Morning Routine might be your ticket!


Start The Night Before


If you read my post about our school night routine you will see that is where a lot of the prep work is done.

In their school night routine, we include setting out their clothes, packing backpacks and making lunches.

That way in the morning all they have to do is get dressed and grab the items they need for school.

Easy right?


Create A Kid Friendly Music Playlist


Once I wake up my kids for school I put on some tunes. They have a love-hate relationship with this but mommas this works.

Who doesn’t love music?

Keeping up with the upbeat music in the morning gets them moving.

I challenge them each morning to make their bed and pick up their dirty clothes during one song. They get a chore done and they get to dance and beat the clock while doing it.

Win-win here!


Keep Breakfast Simple and Ready To Go


My kids are not really bacon and egg or cereal eaters. We are more like toast, bagels or EGGO waffles kind of people.  My daughter is 11 and I think she has had 2 EGGO waffles every morning for her whole life since she started eating solids.

Each of my children can operate a toaster now so most mornings they make their own breakfast. This helps with giving me a few extra minutes washing my face or changing my clothes. If they are rushed I just fill in where I need to.

When my kids were little and could not help themselves I give them fairly simple options for breakfast. Something I can reheat or pop into a toaster.

I have seen moms even set up everything on the counter the night before. If your child likes cereal, set out the bowl and spoon with the cereal they choose. Everything is right there for you to grab and make.

By keeping breakfast fairly simple every morning sheds a ton of time off your morning.


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Get Up ALittle Bit Before Your Kids


I will admit I am not a morning person but I found that for a successful School Morning Routine I need to get up just a few minutes before I go and get my kids up.

Just a few minutes to reflect on the day, make my to list or let’s be real drink a few sips of coffee in peace. Ah, yes there it is.

That little time even if it is 10 minutes give you a chance to wake up full and think.

No one wants to race out of bed once their alarm goes off, or at least I don’t.


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Test Out Your Routine


As with my school night routine, I start my School Morning Routine a couple of weeks before school starts.

This way it gives us time to start waking up early and get done what we need to in a short amount of time.

By the time school actually starts your School Morning Routine should be running pretty smooth. That means fewer stressed mornings for the whole family.



When creating any routines it just takes practice before it becomes a habit. Just figure out what works for your family when it comes to your School Morning Routine.

Tweek it where you have to and before you know it your mornings are easier than ever!


Do you have any School Morning Routine tips? Please share them in the comments below!



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How To Create A Stress Free School Morning Routine


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