How To Create A School Night Routine That Works

I can’t believe the summer is coming to an end. For us, next week we meet the kid’s teacher days and my baby girl will be entering middle school for the first time. Oh, I am not ready! I thought I was prepared for this, however, I am not.

We spent the summer exploring our new city and having family visit. No real schedules or routines and I’ll tell ya we are all ready to get back to structured days.


How To Create A School Night Routine That Works

Yes, even the kids. There is something about routines that makes kids feel more secure. They know exactly what to expect next and once the routine becomes a habit the fighting over bedtime becomes less and less.

This is when I start implementing and tweaking our School Night Routine.

It helps all of us get ready for when school starts everything just runs smoother with a good School Night Routine in place.


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How To Create A School Night Routine That Works


Stay Consistent


When it comes to creating a School Night Routine, not every family routine will look the same. But keeping some sort of routine consistent is key.

Pick a time that is right for your child to go to bed each night and work backward to find a starting time for your School Night Routine.

If you need them to finish homework, shower, pick out their clothes, brush teeth and so on to a test run how long this takes.

That way when school actually starts you have this all figured out and it runs like clockwork.



Set Yourself Up For Sucess The Next Morning


By doing small things at night like picking out their clothes. Making sure they packed their backpacks and put them where they need to be. Or even making their lunches with them the night before helps a ton the following morning.

This really only takes a few extra minutes each night and the mornings will run so much quicker when you are trying to get everyone off to school.


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Reading Time


I have always included the reading that they need for school time in our School Night Routine.

I aim for 20 minutes of reading before lights out. Usually, in our house, their reading takes place in their own beds. I will pop in during this time so each child can read to me for a little bit.

When they were younger I would read or help a little more where it was needed so I allocated extra time for this in our School Night Routine.

Now that they can all read it makes it a bit easier time wise.

My daughter could read for days but my boys still need a little encouragement. So for me popping in to listen, I am making sure they are actually reading. I caught onto their trick haha.


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Keep It Simple


Just because kids need a good School Night Routine to make sure they get enough rest it does not have to be elaborate.

Keep it small with 3-6 things each night. You can add on or subtract as needed.

Tweek it where you need to, to ensure a smooth night time for the whole family.


Here is how our School Night Routine works in our house. You can use ours as a guide if you’d like.


We start at 6:45 pm – 7 pm with the kids taking showers. This gives me a chance to clean up the kitchen from dinner.

Around 7:30 they pick out their clothes for the following day. They make sure their backpacks are packed and at our drop zone. They come downstairs and help me pack their lunches for the next day.

Around 8 pm is when we head upstairs. They brush their teeth and get settled into their beds with books. I pop in and out of their rooms to listen.

At 8:30 – I am a stickler for this time for lights out.




And there you have it our School Night Routine. Now besides the lights out bedtime, our times are not always right on. Some things are rushed more than others if they had an after-school activity or dinner ran late. Things happen but I try my best to stick to exactly what happens next.

I have seen over the years of keeping the School Night Routine consistent, my kids, for the most part, wake up for school so much more well rested.

What are your School Night Routine tips?


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