Back To School Organization Tips

Ah, back to school time. The rushed mornings, new routines and schedules and new beginnings for your kids.

When I think back to school I often get a little overwhelmed. Taking the time to get organized can create a smooth transition for you and your kids when they head back to school.

With these Back To School Organization Tips, you can make sure the school year runs like clockwork.


Here are my best Back To School Organization Tips, so you can make sure the school year runs like clockwork without the overwhelming feeling. #backtoschool #parenting #organization #busymoms #momhacks



My Back To School Organization Tips


Create A Drop Zone For Backpacks


I have seen so many dropzones for backpacks and kids school items. You can use hanging hooks or a bench. I have even seen bookcases. It does not have to be fancy just functional.

Whatever you prefer but try to keep a place where your children know to keep their backpacks.

This makes the mornings easier as well as it is all laid out there in front of them.

They can grab everything when they are heading out the door.



Create A Paperwork Station


Oh, all the papers they come with can be a nightmare. I love to use a central paperwork station for this. There are many ways to do it but I found this file system works best for me.

My kids come home and drop their items that need to be signed or filed away into this file system.

Makes it so much easier to keep track of all the important papers.



Create A Homework Caddy


Homework has been a challenge in my house for years until I created a place for each child with their own homework caddy like this one from

You can get this caddy at The Dollar Tree add their supplies like pencils, crayons, and markers.

Label it with their name and voila no more homework battles.


Label Everything


Speaking of labels, I LOVE labels! I know shocker the type A, OCD woman likes labels.

But it has made everything so much easier. I am loving these back to school labels from Mabel’s Labels.


Set Up A Lunch Making Station


This has been a game changer for me when it comes to Back To School Organization Tips!

Take a small part of your kitchen where you store all your lunch making items. You can store your baggies, water bottles and reusable containers here. This is also where my kid’s lunch boxes are stored.

I love these reusable containers to hold sandwiches!

That way everything is right there and making lunches is quick and easy.

You can even do this in your fridge or pantry! Just create bins for each item so the kids can grab and pack.

Check out this awesome post that Haeley from Design Improvised wrote on how to create a lunch making station.


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Start A Sleep Schedule


Two weeks before my kids start school I get them back to a normal back to school sleep schedule.

During the summer I still keep a sleep schedule but it is nowhere near as strict as when they are in school.

By putting them to bed at the same time every night ensures they are getting enough sleep. By the time school starts they are used to going to bed a little earlier and waking up when it is time for school without problems.



Establish Routines


You guys know I love routines and so do my kids.

I also start these routines two weeks before school starts.

We practice our nighttime routine for a few weeks so they are used to how things will flow.

Dinner, showers, reading, and bedtime all happen at the same time so they know what is next. I also have them pick out their clothes for the next morning as they would for school.


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Create A Family Command Center


Not only is this great for the kids to see everything at a glance but great for parents too. I bought this magnetic calendar from Emily Ley to hang on my fridge so I can keep track of everything our family has going on.

Here is where I also use a small dry erase board for my weekly dinner meals.

The whole family can see what is coming and we can plan accordingly all in one central location.

I love this command center from Lindsay over at Simply Septemeber.


So there you have it my best Back To School Organization Tips to help you this school year.

With a little planning back to school does not have to be a completely overwhelming feeling.

What is your Back To School Organization Tips? Please share them with us in the comments.








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  1. The teacher in me loves back to school ( your reference to making labels spoke to my heart lol), but you’re so right—organization is key! Also, cheers from another mom of three.

  2. My daughter starts Kindergarten this month and I love this advice and plan to use your tips. Love the Homework Caddy – I am using an old used once shower caddy. I also agree with a routine! My 5 year old seems to behave better and whine less when we stick to our routine. Also when I ask for her input, she loves to help make decisions for dinner and what we might do that day.

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