How To Clean Your House Fast In One Hour Or Less

Do you need to clean your house fast? If you have one hour I can show you how!


As much as we try to maintain a clean and tidy home there are some days where as much as we try it just can get trashed. If you are anything like me on those days the mess can become overwhelming.


Maybe this week you could not keep up with your weekly cleaning routine and just need to tame the mess.


I truly get anxiety when I see every room looking like a hot mess. I function better in clutter-free spaces.


If you need to clean your house fast I got you covered momma! It's called speed cleaning and what if you could clean your whole home fast, I mean in under one hour.


So if you need to clean your house fast I got you covered momma! It’s called speed cleaning and what if you could clean your whole home fast, I mean in under one hour.


The thing about speed cleaning is we are not looking to deep clean or perfect cleaning here.


We are just looking to get the job done and fake a clean house in under an hour.


It will do wonders for your anxiety if you get like me and can not function in mess.


How To Clean Your House Fast In One Hour Or Less


1.Set a Timer

Set a time for one hour or less if you can not devote the full hour. Setting a timer will make you work faster and you know you are up against the clock.

No stopping to check Facebook or answer your phone either. Use this hour wisely.


2. Focus on the main living spaces only first

Do not worry about places that have a door like your kid’s rooms, your bedroom or other bathrooms in the home. If you have the extra time on your timer you can tackle those but this is just for the main areas of your home.


3. Clear the clutter

Grab a catch-all bin and grab everything out of place like toys or anything that belongs in another room. Simply toss those in your bin. You can sort them out when you are done or hand them off to one of your children to sort for you.


Related: My weekly cleaning schedule that only takes me an hour a day if that.


4. Wipe down your kitchen and clear the dishes and sink

There is something that says your house is clean when you walk into a clutter-free wiped down kitchen.  Spray all the countertops and give them a quick wipe down.

Quickly wipe the surfaces of your appliances. Load the dishwasher with those dirty dishes in the sink and give your sink a quick wipe down.

This all takes no more than 10 minutes and no one will know you tried to clean your house fast.


5. Main Bathroom

First, clear any clutter from the space.

Give the guest bathroom of your home a quick wipe down. Wipe the mirror, sink and give the toilet a quick swish and wipe.

If your bathroom has a shower leave it again we are looking to clean our home fast not a deep clean.

If you have a glass shower just wipe down the doors to make it shiny.


how to clean your house super fast


6. Living Room/ Dining Room

Since you already cleared all the clutter with your catch all bin these rooms are easy peasy.

Grab a microfiber cloth and wipe down the surfaces.

Fluff the pillows and cushions on your couches.


7. Quick vacuum

No need for sweeping just grab the vacuum and vacuum everywhere in your main areas. Remember to move fast and just do the main traffic areas.

I have recently picked up this Shark vacuum and LOVE it! It works great on hardwoods and carpet.

I go through vacuums like crazy and this baby has stood the test of time for me!


Now if you have more time on your timer you can pick up the other areas in your home but this is just a general clean of the main area to clean your house fast.

Or you can quickly sort your catch-all bin!

Do you have anything to add to clean your house fast? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!




My secrets to keep a tidy home without much effort.

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