9 Places You Forget To Clean and Should Clean Regularly

With all our cleaning routines in place, we often forget about those dirty things we forget to clean on a regular basis.

Don’t let that make you feel bad, most people overlook these places they forget to clean.

As you try to keep your house clean we often forget there are places in our house that can get very dirty. Here are 9 places in your home that you are most likely forgetting to clean on a regular basis but should.


I am one of them and I pride myself on keeping a clean home and showing you guys how to help clean your home.

There are so many places in your home that often seem neglected but I found that these 9 places you forget to clean are the most overlooked.

I have now added these overlooked places into my cleaning routines.

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Get out your supplies and let’s tackle these 9 places you forget to clean together!


1 – Under Your Stove

I hate this chore, however, have you ever looked under there?


Let’s be honest no one uses the drawer as a warmer as it’s supposed to be used. It’s for storage.

There is dust that collects in the drawer and underneath the drawer and behind the stove, you can find grease and grime.

Not to mention if you have pets, you’d swear they shed more than you’d think.

Pull out the stove and clean that drawer every few months or so.


Most overlooked places we forget to clean on a regular basis in our homes


2 – Behind Your Fridge

Another one of those places you forget to clean is behind your fridge.

Not only will you find all the things you did under your stove but the coils on the back of the fridge are usually loaded with dust.

This could be bad for your fridge as the more dirt it has on those coils the harder it is working.

Then you have an electric bill spike!

Grab that vacuum and give those coils a good vacuum.


3 – Fans Everywhere!

Most of us have fans in our home. They are either in the living areas like your living room but also in the bathroom.

Ceiling fans collect dust like you would not believe, even when you use them regularly.

A great tip for cleaning ceiling fans, grab an old pillowcase and use that to collect the dust right into the pillowcase.

For bathroom fans, these need to be cleaned regularly as well.

They are designed to help with the moisture in the air and if not cleaned properly that can create mold build up. Mold loves moist areas.

Remove the fan cover and give it a good cleaning. Dry it well and place it back up. Simple!



4 – Sink Stoppers

This will gross you out to the max! Prepare yourself and consider yourself warned if you have never cleaned these before.

You will be SHOCKED what nasty things you find on these sink stoppers.

Pull these out once a month and give them a good cleaning.


5 – Dishwasher

Another spot so many people forget to clean is their dishwasher.

Many of us think well, its job is to clean so why should I clean it?

If you look at the inside of the door where the rubber seal is or in that trap on the bottom — yuck!

Food gets left behind and bacteria can take over in these places.


6 – Washing Machines

Your washing machine is the same as your dishwasher, right?

The main purpose is to keep things clean inside there, yes but it still needs a good cleaning once a while too.

Dirt collects inside the basket on the top part that your clothes do not touch. That needs to to be wiped down here and there.

For most regular washing machines a little vinegar and run it on a hot cycle will do the job of the rest.


Most overlooked places we forget to clean on a regular basis in our homes


7 – Electronics

The TV remote is a hot zone for germs. So is your cell phone or home phone if you have one. Even laptops and iPads. All electronics we touch multiple times a day.

We all touch these things all day, especially if you have kiddos.

It’s gross to think about where their hands have been before they grab the remote and sit down to watch TV.

Give these items a good wipe down with an antibacterial wipe.


8 – Light Switches

Just like the electronics,  how many people in your home or guests touch the light switches on a daily basis.

Give these a quick wipe as well any time you can!

Places we forget to clean in our homes


9 – Blinds and Windows

Most people forget to clean their blinds or window screens.

Once a month I’ll take a sock and dust off my blinds. If you are using a white sock you’ll be able to see all that grime these attract.

Same goes for window sills!

Twice a year I clean off my screens and tracks. Simply pop off the screens and hose them down and go through the tracks with some cleaner.

These things can be nasty if you neglect these areas.


And there you have it 9 places we forget to clean but should! The list is not that terrible but it’s a good idea to add them somewhere into your cleaning routine so you do not forget.

How many of these places have you been neglecting to clean in your home?




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