Ultimate Tips For A Tidy Home At All Times

These days parents are all stretched a little too thin.

Between kids, jobs, family, and all the activities we have going on housework can seem daunting. No one wants to come home from a long day just clean or have their home tidy.

My secrets to keep a tidy home without much effort.

Keeping a tidy home can be very simple however it always falls down the list of priorities with all the other things we need to get done.

Just last week, I had a ton of blogging work to get done, I volunteered at my kid’s school for the day. I had haircuts for all the kids, a huge freezer cooking day that I shopped for and cooked.

And one dentist appointment that was not so fun for Joshua. He was out of commision for a little bit afterward so I had to be full on mom mode and lay with him. The one on one downtime was nice!

These were all extras for me besides my normal blogging work, working out, after-school activities and homework.

It was a jam-packed week, to say the least!

But I’ll let you in on a secret. I got my housework cleaning schedule done as I plan every week.


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And I was able to keep a tidy home without much effort!

Over the years I have found tips and tricks for keeping a tidy home. It became a habit and it takes me very little time each day to complete.

Ultimate Tips For A Tidy Home At All Times


Tidy Up As You Go

Instead of letting those dishes pile up as your are cooking wash them or throw them in the dishwasher as you are cooking.

When you are heading upstairs or into a different part of your home pick up the clutter and return things to where they go.

Mommas with younger kids, while your kids are in the tub playing tidy up the rest of the bathroom. Kids love the extra time in the tub and you can’t go too far anyway.

Tidying up as you go allows you to never have to make time to keep a tidy home. These are things you’re doing anyway just multitask more.


Take 15 Minutes Each Day

Set a timer and find a location in your home that needs to be tidied up.

Everyone can afford 15 minutes every single day.

Tackle that kitchen drawer where everyone’s “stuff” always winds up.

Take on your front hall closet.

Clean and tidy out your pantry or your fridge.

But as soon as that timer goes off STOP!

You can come back to it tomorrow but you’d really be surprised what you can get done in 15 minutes!



Create Morning and Evening Routines

By carving out a little time each morning and night will make you feel like you have a tidy home all the time.

Make them habits!

They take almost no time to complete under 10 minutes for me and keeps you ahead of the game every day moving forward.

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Don’t Let It Accumulate

That mail pile you set on your front table. The clean laundry piles you have on your living room couch waiting to be folded from a few days ago.

Don’t let these piles take over your home.

Take a few seconds to go through the mail when you get it.

Put away the items you took out when you did your makeup and hair that morning.

The less clutter you see the better!


My secrets on how to keep a tidy home without effort


Make Your Bed Every Morning

There is something about a freshly made bed that will make your home instantly look like a tidy home.

For me, this was a lesson I was taught years ago when Bri was born.

Making the bed’s first thing in the morning can change your mindset on how your day runs.

When you start your day with something that makes you feel productive it usually will carry you through the rest of the day.

When I was struggling with being a first-time stay at home mom this was crucial for me. I felt like all I did all day was take care of a newborn and that my house was far from tidy.

I started to make my bed every single morning, I created a habit and it felt like I had accomplished climbing Mount Everest.

A very simple task but it truly changed how I saw things into this new role as a homemaker.


The secrets to keep your home tidy without trying to keep your home clean

Do A Load Of Laundry Every Day

Once I make my bed this is usually the next thing I do. I will start a load of laundry.

No one wants to see dirty laundry piles nor does anyone want to spend a whole day dedicated to laundry.

Throw in a load each and every morning. Switch it over when you can and fold it at night.

Add these to your routines and habits.


So I’ll ask you…

Do you see a pattern yet?

Creating habits you will do these things without having to make time for them so they instantly become a priority when you are used to them.

Keeping a tidy home at all times is truly simple you just have to do it and stick with it creating the habits and routines to get it done.

What are your tips for keeping a tidy home? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment.




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