Tips on How To Avoid Stay at Home Mom Burnout

Being a stay at home mom is definitely one of the toughest jobs out there and it is very easy to get burnt out very quickly.

Most momma’s, myself included took on being a stay at home to it’s fullest.

I was a working woman beforehand. I have always held a job and moving fast up the corporate ladder in banking at the time.

There was a part of me as a little girl that just wanted to stay at home with my children when I had them. I was fortunate to do so when my daughter was born.

I jumped in head first. The woman that was able to have lunch on a Tuesday afternoon or get a fresh mani-pedi with some girlfriends after work, those days were long gone.

I forgot about me.

I was no longer Jenn, I was so and so’s mom.

Your identity takes a hit and before you know it, stay at home burnout becomes a serious thing and could lead to depression.

Being a stay at home has its perks and I am so grateful to have those. However, it is not a glamorous job by any means.

It means being a chef, tutor, maid, personal driver, monster hunter and so much more. All of this 24/7.

My husband has worked long hours during the week so I was able to stay at home and he could spend weekends with us.

It can be overwhelming at times and your not alone. You can avoid the stay at home mom burnout with some helpful tips.

Tips on How To Avoid Stay at Home Mom Burnout and depression


How To Avoid Stay at Home Mom Burnout Tips


Take a mommy time out. 

I love when my kids say to me mom go to your room for 32 mins., you need a timeout.

We discipline our children with time ours for their age and sometimes a mom needs that too!

I have been doing quiet time for 30 mins each afternoon with my kids. I set a timer they all go to a bedroom to play, read or color alone.

That is time for me to hang out with a show, read a portion of a book or make a phone call.

It has worked wonders for my day.


Take a day off .


If you work at a “regular paying job” you get 2 days off a week right?

So why can’t you take a day off as a mom?

I felt mommy guilt if I took a day to myself.

I thought I was a horrible mom for needing a break, NO!

Momma’s, do not think this way. We give our all to our kids, husbands, and homes. It is okay to take a day to pamper yourself.

Once a week on Sunday’s I get a day, okay so it may not be an entire day but it is at least a decent chunk.

My husband says I come back more focused and refreshed.

Tips on How To Avoid Stay at Home Mom Burnout


Break the routine.


Every day can feel like the same when you are a stay at home mom.

Take a day and break free from your routine a little.

Whether it is just you and the kids or as a family it’s good to just have an unscheduled day.

Fun activities, lunch at your favorite restaurant, exploring a new park can be fun for everyone.


Get moving.


Working out or some form of exercise is good for all of us.

It’s a great stress reliever and it makes you feel better overall.

Even if you can’t get to the gym you can take a walk or bike ride with your kids.

Just get moving and get outside. The sun is good for you too!

Tips on How To Avoid Stay at Home Mom Burnout


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Get plenty of rest. 


 If you are an infant mom and feeding your little one all hours of the night, have a toddler that does not sleep through the night yet.

Or like me, I have an 11-year old that has always been a light sleeper and wakes up still once a night for an extra tuck in.

Moms need their rest!

I’m not saying it this can be possible for everyone especially if you are getting up with little ones at night but a good solid 6 to 8 hours is best.

I usually try to get at least 7 hours every night since that is what I feel I can run on. Everyone is different you may need more or less depending on your situation.

How To Avoid Stay at Home Mom Burnout and avoid depression as a mom


Most importantly remember the way to avoid stay at home mom burnout is to take care of mom first, however that may be.

If we are on running on empty we have no more to give our families.

I have found the more positive I am, the kids are too.

Beleive me, there are days that I want to run away screaming but by taking time for me is just as important as taking care of my family.



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Tips on How To Avoid Stay at Home Mom Burnout

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  1. You’re so right about taking time for yourself. Now that my youngest is old enough to sleep for a few hours, bed time has been such a refreshment. Plus, I go to the coffee shop on Saturday mornings to work on the blog, and that’s been priceless! Great post! I hopped over from Motivation Monday!

    • That’s such a nice break to get away for a few hours. Those few hours do wonders for me if I can just go to the store alone.

  2. Lovely post. I am a stay at home mom as well and I feel these burnout moments (as you call them) practically every day. It is very exhausting, will definitely be giving some of your tips a try!!

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