10 Things People With Clean Homes Do Every Day

Do you have friends or family members that always look like they have clean homes no matter when you stop by?

People With Clean Homes Do Every Day

You think to yourself they have kids or animals but their home always looks spotless! How do they do it?

Over the years I have learned some tricks that I do every day to keep my home looking clean. People with clean homes take a few extra minutes each day and they are less overwhelmed by making these a habit.

10 Things People With Clean Homes Do Every Day

They Make Their Bed Every Day

I’ve talked about this one so many times and it works! Before you leave your room in the morning make your bed. It makes the room look put together and that productive feeling you get first thing in the morning will carry you through the day.

Daily routine printable

Create Morning and Night Routines

These take about 15 mins each day and the more routines you have in place the more organized you will stay. You can check out my morning routine and night time routines to see exactly how my days look for inspiration.

Clean As They Go

Clean as you move throughout your day. If you are cooking try to clean up the dishes as you cook makes it easier and less overwhelming later.

Plan and Make Lists

By planning ahead and making lists of things you need to pick up or do will give you a jump start on the following day. Anything to keep your future chores less complicated.

Go To Bed With A Picked Up House

Clean homes do not mean it has to be spotless just look organized. By going to bed with a picked up home will set your next day off on the right foot with a clean home.

Use a Catch-All Bin

Pick up all the kids toys or anything laying around the home that needs to be put away in one place like a catch-all bin. This bin can be sorted out later or tucked away quickly when you have that unexpected guest show up.

Do A Load Of Laundry Every Day

Don’t have dirty laundry piling up, by doing one load a day your laundry chore will be less overwhelming and more manageable.

People With Clean Homes Do Every Day

Tackle Clutter 15 Mins A Day

Set and timer and go clear those clutter spots. You know where you dropped the mail pile off, kids school papers or your catch-all bin. This keeps your home looking cleaner with less clutter.

Wipe The Bathrooms Daily

By just simply wiping down sinks and toilets every day this is a huge time saver in the long run. Especially if you have kids, less scrubbing hardened toothpaste off the sinks when you have to deep clean. Anyone with little boys knows the toilet struggles here. Beleive me wiping it down daily will save you tons of worry if you have someone stop by unannounced.

They Do Not Wait

Do it now. If you get a package delivered open it and put things where they have to go. The longer you wait the more can pile up and become overwhelming.



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  1. I agree, if you want to have a clean home, you need to take care of it every single days. The key is in the little things, if you let something small like the trash bins or making the bed go out of control, then you’ve already lost the battle. I personally try to maintain a meticulous home at all times, but sometimes it happens that I just can’t manage because of all the other responsibilities. Cleaning up after you’ve neglected your home for a couple of days is very difficult and unpleasant. This is why I prefer to do things regularly.
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