8 Things To Do Before 8 am – Mom Edition

8 Things To Do Before 8 am, sounds silly but it works!

8 Things To Do Before 8 am

We all want to have a more productive day. Have our homes run smoothly and be less stressed about it.


Once I started doing these 8 Things To Do Before 8 am I noticed a huge shift in my mood and day.

  1. Make My Bed

The second I wake up I make my bed. For starters, it makes it less likely I will crawl back into it and second a nice made bed in the morning makes me feel like I accomplished something.

I read when I had my daughter 10 years ago when I was struggling with being a new mom if nothing else make your bed. Its a mind trick that has stuck with me.

2. Get Dressed

I know this sounds silly but getting dressed in the morning helps jump start my day.

I used to be that mom that rolled up in the minivan dropping her kids off in pajamas. Not that there is anything wrong with that but for me, I knew if I wasn’t dressed in my gym clothes right away I was not going to make it there.

3. Start A Load Of Wash

One load of wash a day is what I stick to, to keep in manageable. With 5 people the laundry can get quickly out of hand here.

This is the only way I can stay on top of it. Throw a load in and switch it over as soon as I get back from dropping my kiddos at school and working out.

4. Empty The Dishwasher

I like to start out with a nice clean kitchen first thing in the morning. I run a load of dishes each night and in the morning I empty it so my sink does not pile up during the day.

My kids can immediately put their breakfast dishes in the dishwasher before they head off to school.

5. Pick Up Any Clutter

My most important thing I like to do in my8 Things To Do Before 8 am is tackle the clutter.

For me, clutter equals chaos in my brain. Any little papers or little things laying around I quickly pick up and but into my catch-all basket.

Out of sight out of mind, since it is usually my kid’s items I let them deal with it when they get home.

healthy morning routine lemon water

6. Drink Lemon Water

This comes before my coffee. I make sure I drink a large glass of water each morning. It wakes me up and is great for your immune system and for your metabolism.

I’ve also noticed a huge change in my skin since I started drinking lemon water regularly.


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7. Make My To Do List – Brain Dump

You guys know I am a big believer in making lists but it does help clear your mind. I dump everything onto a to-do list then worry about it later.

When I come back home I pick out the things that HAVE to get done that day and start. But this way my head is clear and I can focus on other things.

8. Clear Your Head

No matter if you read the Bible, meditate or take a few minutes for yourself clearing your head is good for your stress level. Since I wake up before my kids do this is just 15 mins of my morning. I don’t think about my day or anything stressful.

Usually, while I am putting on my makeup is when this me time comes in.

I really notice the difference in my productivity and mood when I do this.


Do you follow the 8 Things To Do Before 8 am rule?



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  1. When I read the make your bed and get dressed it really stuck with me. Thanks for sharing with us mom’s!

  2. This is a rock star regiment, I love it. I work from home and if my environment is cluttered, I feel my day starts off disorganized. I try to get all the tasks you have listed done, before dropping my son off at school, and it without a doubt gives me a head start on the day. I especially love the “brain dump” list. I tend to think I will remember what needs to be done, but why waste brain power on a grocery list. Thanks for the great tips!