How To Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half – No Coupons Needed

How You Can Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half is SIMPLE I promise!

We all look for more ways to save money from our budget. When you go over your monthly budget, grocery shopping takes up a nice chunk.

Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half without coupons

How to max out your savings at the grocery store? I can show you how without using a single coupon!

If you are willing to take the extra time with these tips I guarantee you can cut your grocery bill in half.


  • Buy Store Brand

There are many stores that carry a store brand that is just as good as name brand. Did you know most of the time they are made by the same company anyway? You will not even know the difference and can easily save 20% or more off your grocery bill.

  • Make It From Scratch

Pancake mix, cake mix even drink mixes like iced tea. They all come from basic ingredients you already have. Take the time to make them yourself and you can save a ton each year. Plus you can add your own little touch to the mixes to make them your own.

This holds true for spices as well mixing your favorites together to have on hand is so simple and you do not a million spices on hand. Just a few of the basics and blend them together. Check out this Pinterest cheat sheet for easy homemade spice blends.

freezer meal printables

  • Meal Plan Around The Sales

Each week when your grocery sale flyer comes out sit down and get some prep work done. Plan a week’s worth of meals (or more) and only buy what is on sale. I even take this a step further by doubling my meals a few times a week to freeze for further meals. This will allow you to get the savings and only cook once – double win here mommas!

Some printables to help:

Meal Planning Printable

Freezer Meal Printables

  • Stay Away From Prepared Foods

Sure it is easy to grab already chopped fruit or veggies but the up-sale on these products are insanely high. Take the time each week when you get home to chop up and bag your veggies and fruits you will need for the week. Not only is it cheaper but fresher as well.

  • Avoid The Deli

Check out the refrigerated section. Most cheeses and cold cuts are found from the deli presliced and ready to go. No waiting in line and usually a lot less expensive per pound.

Cutting your grocery bill in half can be done with a little prep and planning to save you thousands each year. Think about all that money you could be saving. 

  • Stock Up

When your favorite item that you use often goes on sale stock up. Buy enough until the next sale cycle runs on this product which is usually around the 6 to 8 week mark. You will always have it on hand until it goes on sale next and will not have to pay full price for it. Instantly cut your grocery bill in half when these items are on BOGO (buy one get one free).

cut your grocery bill in half without using coupons

  • Shop Once A Week or Once Every Other Week

This tip alone will slash your grocery bill in half! When you are shopping make sure you are stocking up for at least a full week at a time. That one little trip t0 the store for just milk could turn into a full-on grocery shop which adds up quickly!

  • Add Leftover Nights

Once a week on my meal plan I add a leftover night. I try to have nothing go to waste in my house. My kids love this, they can eat whatever meals I have on hand already. If I have more leftovers than normal I send it with my husband to work for lunch.

  • Stick To A List

Avoid impulse buys and if you can leave the kids and husband at home. Those extra hands can add up fast when piling things into your cart. Check your list right before you leave the house and stick to it when shopping.

cut your grocery bill in half without using coupons

  • Watch The Register

Mistakes happen, things can be rung up wrong but that is costing you more money if you are not careful. Be sure to watch the register for prices or check your receipt before you leave the store. Get it fixed right away before you leave the store so you do not forget about it.

  • Avoid Wearhouse Bulk Stores

For years I was a member of a bulk store but when I started looking at some of the prices it did not pay to make the extra trip. Sure some things are cheaper but when you are on a budget it can add up faster than you have that month. If the store is not that close to your home think about the gas you are using to go to an extra store that week.

  • Do Not Buy Anything In Single Serving Packets

I was guilty of this for many years with my kid’s lunches. The cookie packets were just too easy to throw into a lunch but now I just make my own. When I buy snacks for the kids I bag them up from a regular package of cookies or crackers.

Same goes for drink single packages. Buying the larger size and just adding a little to your water saves a ton of money.

  • Bring Your Reusable Bags! 

Some stores will reward you for bringing your own bags with a few cents off for each bag you use. Plus you are saving the environment at the same time.


You can truly cut your grocery bill in half each time you shop with these tips and tricks.

Hope they help save you some cash for better things like paying off debt or a fun day with your family.




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