Must Have Fit Mom Essentials

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with BODYARMOR Sports Drinks and Mom it Forward. All opinions expressed are 100% mine. 

Now that we roll into 2018 its time to rethink my fitness goals. Last year I hired a personal trainer and got back on track and have never felt better about myself not only my body but my mental health.

Must Have Fit Mom Essentials

With balancing three kids and a hectic schedule I took all of 2017 to figure out what works and what I need to tweak in 2018 to take my health and fitness to another level. That said, I have a list of my fit mom essentials for you! This will help keep you on track this year and hopefully make your fitness goals more attainable.

Must Have Fit Mom Essentials

Resistance Bands

Wheather you work out in the gym or at home these are my favorite products to get a good workout. Lightweight to carry anywhere and if done correctly you can really sculpt your body with these little guys. You can get a pack almost anywhere for relatively cheap. Need a workout plan for them  – YouTube has got you covered. There are plenty of videos to get a great workout using bands.

fit mom essentials

Yoga Mat 

Another staple for me is a nice thick yoga mat. You do not need to do yoga they are multipurpose, I even carry mine to my gym with me when I go. They are great for abs, protecting your knees for floor work and stretching.My favorite way to use mine is when I hip thrust to protect my hips from getting bruised when lifting.

You do not need a ton of money for these Fit Mom Essentials!

Must Have Fit Mom Essentials

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate 

Besides form when your working out hydration is just as important! I recently found BODYARMOR and am loving it during my workouts. It is packed with electrolytes, coconut water, and vitamins and is low in sodium and high in potassium. The best part for me is BODYARMOR contains natural flavors and sweeteners and no colors from artificial sources. That is always a plus! 

They also carry a BODYARMOR LYTE, same ingredients, and benefits as BODYARMOR but with only 20 calories.  They come in Peach Mango and Cherry Berry and both taste ah-mazing.

Great alternative to water with health benefits when working out! Grab your coupon for BODYARMOR.


fit mom essentials


Supportive Sneakers

Your workouts will never be the same when you find the right pair of sneakers! There are so many different sneakers out there designed for different types of workouts. Head to your local shoe store and see which are the best fit for your arch. Tip – on leg day I use a more flat foot sneaker like converse to get deeper with my leg work.

Meal Prep Containers

These containers have stepped up my game in the kitchen and healthy eating. They have different compartments for your food to keep it nice and more pleasing to the eye. Remember you eat with your eyes first. There is just something about these containers that make me more likely to eat my meal prep food. You can find these almost anywhere as well. Hands down the best fit mom essentials in my opinion.

Must Have Fit Mom Essentials

Where to Find BODYARMOR

    You can find BODYARMOR drinks at your local Circle K and QwikTrip.


What are you Must Have Fit Mom Essentials? let me know in the comments

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  1. These are all great things to have and things I personally use daily! I would also add awesome headphones to the list!

  2. I love Body Armor drink, it really is the best and my kids love it (even the picky one). I also have resistant bands, they seem to be the best for me when I get back into a routine of working out on a regular.

  3. My sons always reaches out for a Body Armor drink when they are out doing their sports activities. I have them always in stock at home. Hydration is an important thing for me, especially being diabetic, I need enough fluids and electrolytes to keep me functioning well.

  4. These are great essentials, and I need all of it. I’m so trying to workout this new year and really need to get on track!

  5. Ooooo Lots Of great must haves!! Both my hubby and daughter love body armor! We buy it at Sams club all the time

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