Like A Boss Series: Why a Nighttime Routine Is So Important

like a boss series

Like A Boss Series = Run your home like a BOSS! Less stress and tips and tricks to help along the way.

Last week I went over why you need to create a morning routine and how important it is. This week I am going to go over how you can create less stress with a nighttime routine.

why a nighttime routine is important

I love routines, I find I get more done and in less time. Most importantly it makes my day less stressful when I am in a good routine rhythm.

How To Stress Less With A Nighttime Routine

I am more of a night owl so my nighttime routine takes me a little longer to complete than my morning routine. I like waking up to a home that is put together and ready for the next day.

Having a nighttime routine saves me so much time in the rushed mornings getting the kids out the door for school.

Routines are not hard nor do they need to be complicatedCreating a routine takes about  60 days until it becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit the rest is clockwork which will mean less stress and chaos for me and my home. We need that as moms or at least I know I do!

Taking care of a home and kids can be exhausting but does not have to be stressful. Make it simple and keep your nighttime routine under an hour. That hour can set your next day up for success.

how to create less stress with a nighttime routine

My Nighttime Routine Looks Like This:

1.Clean Up The Kitchen Fully

    • Wipe all the counters
  • Load and start the dishwasher
  • Sweep the floors
  • Make sure I have a clean sink no dishes left for the morning

2. Prepare My Kid’s Backpacks & Make Lunches

3.Pick Out Everyone’s Clothes For The Next Day – no more hearing them whine about I have nothing to wear last minute

4.Pick Up Any Clutter In The Home I use a catch-all basket aka laundry basket (I know, I’m fancy)

5.Check My To Do List For The Next Day

6.Put In A Load Of Wash Into The Washing Machine – I do not start this until the morning

By the time I am done with my nighttime routine, my kids are in bed hopefully sleeping. I usually wind up taking a shower and watching TV or catching up on some work.

A nighttime routine does not have to consist of cleaning or having anything to do with kids. This is the stage of life I am in so customize it to how you need it and make your next day easier.

For my visual gals, you’re in luck I have a printable to create your own nighttime routine. 

Download My Daily Routine Printable

Daily routine printable


Do you have a nighttime routine? How has building a nighttime helped you? Share them with me in the comments!


If you missed last weeks like a boss series: Why You NEED To Create A Morning Routine Mom Sanity Saver


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How to create a night time routine for busy moms that work.

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