6 Reason’s I Am A Bad Mom According To Society & I’m Perfectly Fine With That

6 Reason's I Am A Bad Mom According To Society & I'm Perfectly Fine With That


Kids, they do not come with instructions. As moms and dads, we try to do our very best every day to raise them as upstanding human beings to society. So here is my question…

Why is there so much judgment when it comes to someone’s parenting style? No one is perfect so why should parenting be? No one should be shamed and be called a bad mom, we do our best! 

We all make mistakes, learn as we go and that’s okay! Judge me if you will, I’m perfectly a-okay with that. 

6 Reason’s I Am A Bad Mom According To Society & I’m Perfectly Fine With That

  • Lying 

Yes, I lie to my children! Nights that I could not cook yet another chicken dinner and make pork I tell them it’s chicken. I have been known to turn the lights off on them head to my room. Lock my bedroom door to pretend mommy is going to bed too just so they will go to bed. 

  • Cursing 

I’m a NY girl at heart born and raised, we curse – a lot! It adds character to what we are saying just like we talk a lot with our hands. I have a potty mouth, I will not deny that. I curse in front of my kids, they know it is wrong for them to say the curse words, so they don’t. But, when they spell them back at me well, I check them for spelling it correctly. 

  • Eating Habits 

In the beginning, I made all my kid’s baby food. Thought back then what a “perfect mother” I was, knowing everything that went into their mouths. All organic and healthy. Yeah, these days a couple nights through a drive-thru won’t hurt them. 

bad mom judgement

  • Patience 

What patience? By the time they get home from school after I’ve, broken up fights about who was staring at who. Heard about someone not liking the lunch I packed for them after they picked out what they wanted the night before. Or my personal favorite the homework battle I’ve about lost it before we even make it through the door. I try my best not to get annoyed, I feel guilty after I’ve screamed my head off, I do! But between all the hats we wear sometimes kids just suck that last bit of patience out of you to the point where your head feels like it’s spinning out of control.

  • Me Time and Kids Screen Time

Gasp, I do not monitor my kid’s screen time. Now, let me clarify they do need to have their homework done that is a rule but after that, it’s a free for all. They are allowed on game systems and iPads if they’d like to be until dinner. I take me time when it is available and do not feel guilty about that either. Whether it’s 30 minutes every day while I’m cooking dinner while they play in their rooms. Or on the weekends, I’ll take a day to get a pedicure, have lunch with my sister anything to de-stress. 

  • Breastfeeding 

This is a more serious topic that is hugely judged. I did not breastfeed any one of my three children. With my first child, I was unable and to be honest by the time I got to my third I wasn’t into it. I felt like the worst mother on this planet for the comments I received for not breastfeeding. Guess what, I did not care by the time I got to my last child. I know the health benefits, read all the books but what’s best for you may not be best for me so let’s not judge.

Side note – I am going to flip this to the breastfeeding momma’s, I applaud you! You will never get a look from me out in public breastfeeding your child. That is whole other topic, but why are these mother’s judged for feeding their child in public? You eat in public, right? Let that mom feed her baby in peace she does not need the stares and judgment. End rant! 

So conclusion, my kids are loved, they know that. Just because society thinks I may be a bad mom, I know I am not. Your kids, my kids, her kids are all taken care of to the best of our ability every single day. Our kids know that so why can’t other mother’s understand that? The mom guilt we have about other things we worry about is enough on ourselves, there doesn’t need to be this label of what makes you a good mom. 

What are things you do that makes you a bad mom according to society? Leave me a comment below, let’s keep it clean though. 

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  1. Pretty much everything you stated could be said about me too. I try not to let that stuff bother me. I know when I had my first and didn’t breastfeed, there were a few people that tried to make me feel bad about it, but I just had to tell myself that, at the end of the day, my son was fed and that’s all that matters.

  2. I didn’t breastfeed either of my children – by choice. And I’m perfectly fine with it and don’t much care what society thinks about it. Cursing, I curse, it doesn’t make me a bad person. As young children they knew what not to repeat, and were allowed to say a word exactly one time without punishment to get rid of the nuance and learn what it meant.
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