Making Memories: 5 Family Vacations Your Kids Will Never Forget

5 Family Vacations Your Kids Will Never Forget


Yearly family vacations can be a great time for parents to get away with their children. It can be a wonderful bonding experience, a time to get away from the stress of everyday life and a chance to create memories. However, the best vacation that children will look back on years from now, is the vacation with the “wow” factor. These are sure to be some of the most memorable times in a child’s life and are well-worth the money required.

5 Family Vacations Your Kids Will Never Forget

Learn about History

Older children, especial pre-teens and teenagers, may enjoy a road trip to see historical sites. The best place to do this is along the East Coast where much of the colonial period and next 100 years were spent. Parents can tailor the vacation towards their children’s interests. For example, Civil War buffs may enjoy traveling to many of the battle locations while those more interested in colonial times may enjoy spending time in historic Boston, visiting Plymouth Rock or taking a trip to Plymouth Plantation.

Stay in an Ice Castle

For those willing to drive north, the Hotel de Glace in Duchesnay, Canada, will provide unforgettable memories. Visitors stay in a hotel made entirely of ice and stay warm at night in special sleeping bags. Other highlights of this hotel, open from January through March, include ice glass classes, an ice bar for parents, beautiful ice sculptures and an ice slide. Nearby sledding hills and an indoor waterpark give families the best of both worlds.

Teach Them to Ski

For a more tradition take on the winter vacation them, a trip to iconic Utah for a week of skiing will be fun for children of all ages. There are many ski resorts in Utah that people love to visit. Probably the most famous additional options include: Park City, Sundance, Brian Head, and Alta. Utah has been referred to as having “The Greatest Snow on Earth,” and it is no joke that Utah offers amazing landscapes for skiers and snowboarders. Families traveling with young children may want to invest in an all-inclusive lodge that will give their children access to other pastimes, such as swimming and game rooms.

Go on Vacation for Christmas

Possibly one of the best surprises that a child can receive is to open a gift on Christmas morning to discover a ticket to Disney World. While Disney World may not be the most extraordinary vacation, it is definitely memorable for any child. The youngest of the family can meet their favorite Disney characters while older children will enjoy the rides. Animal Kingdom and Epcot offer something for everyone where children young and old can learn about amazing animals and cultures from around the world. To make it even more memorable, parents can plan special meals with Disney characters and attend live entertainment every evening.

Go on a Safari

A safari is a great option for families wishing to learn more about wildlife and other cultures. Tanzania, Africa, is one of the most popular places for safaris and is home to the most iconic wild animals, including lions, zebras, elephants and giraffes. Other add-on options include a kids-friendly safari with activities for the very youngest or hot air balloon safaris where families can view wildlife from above.

While not all families can afford the most spectacular of these vacations, parents can use these ideas to craft their perfect vacation. Whether it is time spent at a beach, in the mountains or only an hour or two from home,  family vacations are a necessary part of family bonding and memory-making. Thirty years from now, these children will still look back fondly on family vacations that they never forgot.


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