Foods I Cut Out Of My Diet For A Healthier Lifestyle

Foods I Cut Out Of My Diet For A Healthier Lifestyle


A couple of weeks ago I talked about the foods I added into my diet for a healthier lifestyle. Today I am talking about the things I cut out of my diet. As you know, a healthier lifestyle begins in the kitchen so for me that meant getting very serious about the nutrients I was putting into my body along with my workouts. 

Some I cut out completely others I eat in moderation. Moderation is key! 


Foods I Cut Out Of My Diet For A Healthier Lifestyle


Your body needs salt but I limit mine. Excess salt will make you retain water and for me I notice that right in my tummy area. The more sodium I eat the more bloated I feel and look. Things that contain higher sodium are often processed foods which contain more calories as well. 


This is something I completely took out of my diet unless it was natural sugar. Sure my morning coffee is not the same but I got used to that. I no longer add sugar to anything only natural sugars from fruits or even honey if I need a little boost of sweetness. Do I still eat sugar in sweets, yes but again its all moderation and I cut it out where I can. 


Ok confession I was a carb addict and if you asked me a few years ago to limit then I’d tell you exactly where to go because it was not going to happen. Now I have not taken this out of my diet your body needs carbs to provide energy, it is not healthy to take it out completely! Carbs are not bad for you if you choose the right ones. This was extremely tricky to me to figure out. I can do a whole post on good carbs but some examples I eat are fresh corn, beans and bananas. 

It’s all about figuring out what works best for your body, there is no one size fits all here since all of us are not made the same. This is just what has worked for me for an overall healthier lifestyle. 


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  1. Eating the right carbs are totally key. You may want to look into it a little more. The carbs you listed are very high on the glycemic index list. Limiting sugar is so good. I used to be a huge carb and sugar addict and it’s been over a year since I’ve had sugar and I’ve never felt better!
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