How To Stay Motivated To Workout – Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

How To Stay Motivated To Workout - Even When You Don't Feel Like It


So I’ll set the scene this morning it was cold, I mean for Florida it was freezing. My bed was warm and I’ll be honest I did not want to move from under the covers. There are some days where I am motivated to workout and others not so much. 

I had to be at the gym to meet my trainer early but just was not feeling it. Then it clicked! I do this little check list in my head every single time to get motivated to workout and get my tush in gear. So I figured I’d share my little checklist/pep-talk with you. 

How To Stay Motivated To Workout – Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Remember Why You Started Working Out 

I workout with my trainer 3 times a week and a minimum of twice a week on my own. Why? Because it clears my head, makes me a better mom, more focused and I want my baby bod back. So find your reason why you started in the first place. Whether it’s body goals, makes you feel good whatever the reason focus on why you started. It will keep you motivated to workout even more. 


Find A Buddy – Inspiration 

Finding a buddy helps with accountability. You make plans to be there and would not want to break them, plus having a friend to cheer you on while lifting is always a plus. This was another reason I hired a trainer I needed to be held accountable and when I had to be there I knew I had to be there. My trainer rocks, she keeps me motivated to workout on days where I just want to run back to my car and go home. She pushes me past my limits and I love that! 

Find someone that inspires you to keep you going when working out. 

Reward Yourself

Whatever your goals are everyone needs a little reward for a job well done. For me it was not losing the weight anymore it was losing body fat and toning where I could actually see a difference. Even though I have not lost any weight my body has changed overall. I am more toned and my belly has become leaner and tighter. For me, my last reward was a new workout pants and top. Whatever it is, a little gift, clothes, makeup its important to treat yourself for the hard work your putting in. That could even be a cheat meal – just sayin! 


Take Progress Pictures – Do Not Be A Slave To A Scale 

This is a tough one for me because um I weigh myself every day, ok twice a day! I know, its a horrible habit but when I was trying to lose the weight it became an obsession that I have not fallen out of yet. But, I will tell you I started taking progress pictures and they have done a world of difference. I do them once a week. Front, back and sides. That right there ladies keeps me motivated to workout the most. On a day like today I flipped though my phone saw a pic from when I started and now yup my tush was in my workout clothes pretty quickly. I do not want to give up on me because I know Ill be a happier person once I go. 

There it is my ways I stay motivated to workout. I hope you find these tips useful to push yourself on those days where you just do not want to workout. That little extra motivation makes all the difference when your done, you will feel so much better leaving that workout compared to if you did not do it at all. 

What are your ways to stay motivated to workout? 

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6 thoughts on “How To Stay Motivated To Workout – Even When You Don’t Feel Like It”

  1. I agree with your list. Thanks for sharing your ideas here in your blog post. Working out should be fun and not something that will add up to your stress. I always feel like, I want to go outdoor and do my routine jogging to get some fresh air and enjoy the nature around me. This way I have a positive attitude toward exercising. When I don’t feel like doing it, I always tell myself that laziness will not do anything good to me. To have a healthy body, you have to have a healthy mind and spirit as well. Everything should be in sync. That way, working out will come easy on you. By the way, what kind of cheat meal do you reward yourself?

    1. It depends but usually it is a sweet treat of some sort. For a meal it would be an Italian dish, I try to limit my carbs on a regular basis so for me pasta is always a cheat.

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