My 10 Must Have Kitchen Organizing Tools – Keep It Clutter Free

10 Must Have Kitchen Organizing Tools


I talked about cleaning out and organizing last week with my my Bathroom Organization, I like to start the new year off fresh and organized! This week I have my must have kitchen organizing tools. The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of any home and the room that could get messy and unorganized super fast!

I revamped my kitchen last year and found these things were my must haves to keep my kitchen nice and clean.


So here we go, my 10 Must Have Kitchen Organizing Tools

Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser 

I always keep the plastic bags from the grocery store for various things in my home. For years I always kept a bag of bags. It got tossed around my laundry room or the kitchen. With this wall mounted grocery bag dispenser it looks so much cleaner!

Mop and Broom Holder 

Before I purchased this mop and broom holder my brooms were sadly pushed into the side of my fridge. They constantly fell and it drove me crazy. This holds all of my brooms, mop and dust pans without a problem.

Spice Rack Holders 

I try to keep my counters clutter free so I do not have a typical spice rack but I still want them accessible. There are two options for keeping them nice and neat. I have a wall mounted spice rack like the one shown above or you could hide them behind a cabinet with the spice gripper clips.

Kitchen Wrap Organizers 

I thought this would be a waste but since I started using it, I LOVE it! It holds all my foils, sandwich bags and so much more. I have one for each since they come in different sizes for longer boxes. Keeps them from getting lost and I can stack them easily without them falling all over the place.

Pan Organizers 

On a whim I bought these to hold all of my pans and its such a space saver! My pans are no longer getting scratched and they can all all be placed nicely so I can just grab my larger one without taking all the smaller ones out first.

Pot Holders and Oven Mitts 

I could not stand random pot holders and oven mitts hanging around taking up drawer space! I took simple command hooks and placed them on the back of my cabinet so they can be hidden and hung up nicely.

Pantry & Fridge Organization

I have a pretty big pantry but in South Florida we use wire racks in all closets. I had to find some sort of bins to house my little mixes and the kids proportioned snacks. When I saw these clear stackable organizers I grabbed them and they are awesome for housing all of these little items. Perfect for the fridge too!

Coffee Organization 

Now, there are so many different ways to store those single serve coffees but my favorite is the Triple Drawer! It sits right under the coffee maker and just looks seamless and mess free. Plus they come in different colors! 

Cutting Boards and Bakeware 

I LOVE baking so I have well, alot of cookie trays, cooling racks and muffin tins. We used to just stack them which was a pain since I could not really get to what I needed since they were too heavy to stand on their own. So we got this pull out rack that works perfectly. Just pull out what I need and not have to search!

Cleaners and Under The Sink 

For this area, I chose a cleaning caddy. I wanted something I could grab and go when cleaning any room in the house easier for me to grab the whole container and go.


And there you have it my 10 Must Have Kitchen Organizing Tools to keep my kitchen clean and clutter free! Do you have a kitchen organizing tool that you can not live without? Share it below!


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  1. You have some great suggestions. Regarding spice jars I found it took up less room for me when I put them on the bottom shelf of my small cabinet. Many spice racks don’t hold all size jars and it wound up being useless on my counter.
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