10 Must Have Bathroom Organization Tools

10 Must Have Bathroom Organization Tools


New year, new start to organizing in my house. The OCD organizer comes out of me when a new year starts and this week I am starting in the bathroom. It took me a couple of weeks but now that the kids are back in school after their winter break I can dedicate the time to moving room to room. Tackle the clutter and reorganize the spaces to make them functional again.


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Below you will find my 10 Must Have Bathroom Organization Tools

Ikee Design Acrylic Jewelry & Cosmetic Storage Display Boxes Two Pieces Set – found HERE

Of course my first pick is a beauty bathroom organization tool! I love this guy, he sits on my counter and houses all of my day to day makeup and more!

WEBI Heavy Duty SUS 304 Coat Bath Towel Hanger Rail Bar – found HERE

I have one of these hanging off my back door to hang up damp towels in my kids bathroom. In my bathroom I have one as well for my bathrobe to keep the kids from ‘borrowing it”.

Bath Toy Organizer Bathroom Tub Storage – found HERE 

Speaking of kids bathrooms, this guy is a MUST when my youngest wants to take a bath. Keeps all the toys out of the way of the big kids from showering.

mDesign Over-Cabinet Hair Care Tools Holder for hair tools – found HERE 

YES! I love this thing. No more cords wrapped all over the place under my sink where I used to throw all my hair tools now they sit nicely away from everything and so easily accessible.

Sauder Caraway Etagere Bath Cabinet – found HERE 

I love having this for extra tissues, toilet paper and Q-tips. Normally I kept those stock pile things under my sink but it just took up so much space. Now I moved them out and put them into this cabinet for extra storage.

DecoBros Mesh Cabinet Basket Organizer – Found HERE 

I have a few of these under my sinks. I love that they stack and they hold alot of hair care products and extra lotions those sorts of things I do not use every day.

Epica Clear Cotton Ball and Swab Organizer – Found HERE 

I have TONS of these for random things for my bathroom organization. They look pretty on the sides of my soaking tub and I like to fill them with bath salts and little bath bombs.

The Ultimate Shelf for Your Home – Found HERE 

This little shelf is adorable, he is a new addition to my bathroom. I got so tired of dealing with my husbands trimmer on the sink I picked this up on a whim and makes wiping down my sinks so much easier daily since I do not need to move it every day.

mDesign Towel Holder with Shelf for Bathroom – Found HERE 

This is great for extra towel storage, plus I like the way it looks on the wall stacked with my guest towels.

Sterilite 6QT Storage Box – Found HERE 

Last but not least, I keep one under each sink for our travel items. That way when I go to pack for a trip I grab this tote and pack. Everything is right there.


And there you have it my 10 Must Have Bathroom Organization Tools to keep my bathroom clean and clutter free! Do you have a bathroom organization tool that you can not live without? Share it below!

Next week my kitchen organization tool picks.

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