6 Reasons I Hired A Personal Trainer This Year For Myself

6 Reasons I Hired A Personal Trainer This Year For Myself

Hiring a personal trainer was something I thought of on and off last year so I decided to bite the bullet. I gave myself a little early Christmas gift to myself last month and hired a personal trainer. I have been eating cleaner and working out at home for a few years now but I needed a change. 

Hiring a personal trainer can be expensive but when I went over why I wanted to hire one I knew I had to give it a try. If I didn’t see results then I would quit after a month and go back on my own. I am on my second month now and I am LOVING every single change I see in my body. 

6 Reasons I Hired A Personal Trainer This Year

Don’t Know Where To Start 

I had done so much cardio to drop the weight from having kids that going into a gym blind sort of scared me. Hiring a personal trainer showed me training ideas I would have never thought of on my own. Having access to a gym is nice but I also wanted workouts I could do at home with little to no special equipment. My personal trainer went over my goals the first meeting and showed me exactly what to do to get them for realistic goals. 

Take it To The Next Level

I hit the point where I wanted on the scale but I wanted to see real changes in my body. I wanted leaner and stronger muscles which I was not seeing on my own. I needed someone to show me different things to switch up my normal workout routine to meet these goals faster. I am already seeing huge changes in the definition. 


Motivation and Accountability 

So I am pretty bad sometimes at motivating myself to get a workout in. By the time I got to workout between kids, work and my household things it was always last. I felt that it would be best to hire a personal trainer so I HAD to be at the gym at my training sessions. She held me accountable since I could not say to myself “well I need to do these dishes or write a post” before I can workout. My personal trainer is amazing! She is not only so sweet she motivates me to push myself, something I just did not have in me alone on most days of working out alone. Here are other ways I stay motivated to workout.


Personalized Training 

As I mentioned, my personal trainer went over what I was looking to improve the very first meeting. We went over my diet and talked about where I wanted to be with my body in detail. After that she was able to set realistic, pin pointed goals for me! You truly get one on one attention that’s right for you and your body in the most effective way possible.

Challenges and Getting Bored With Same Routine

Hands down she challenges me and pushes me to my limit. Now I am pushing myself harder than before and finally seeing results that I have wanted for years. I meet with my personal trainer 3 times a week for 4 weeks now and have yet to do the same routine. Switching it up keeps me challenged and I am never bored working out. This was the push I need to stay focused. 



A good personal trainer should not only know his or her stuff but be able to teach you more than just how to do an exercise on a machine. Mine can work the same muscle groups using almost anything which I love and something I never thought about on my own. I plan on training with her for another 2 months but then starting to implement her teachings on my own. 

If you are looking to hire a personal trainer I suggest you do your research and see if they offer a free session. It can get expensive but for me worth every penny since I plan on continue with a overall healthier lifestyle.

I am taking progress pictures and will post the start and monthly pictures once I am done training with her. 

Have you used a personal trainer before if so what did/do you like about it?


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  1. I think a personal trainer is definitely the way to go, it show how dedicated you really are to getting fit. Also its a great way to old yourself accountable.

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