5 Nifty Tricks for Folding Clothes To Clear Up Space and Save Time

5 Nifty Tricks for Folding Clothes


Laundry is a never ending task. As soon as you are finished with it, you’ve got another load ready to wash. With a few new techniques and tips, you can save space in your closet, fight wrinkles, and hopefully streamline the folding process to save time.

Here are 5 Nifty Tricks for Folding Clothes To Clear Up Space and Save Time

Fold Socks Inside Each Other

This can be done one of two ways. The first is to hold the socks together so they are lined up and folding one sock inside out. When folding the first sock inside out, enfold the matching sock inside of it. Essentially, you create a neat sock ball that can be tucked away in any drawer. The second method is to tuck one sock inside the other without turning either sock inside out. The benefit of the second method is you won’t stretch out your socks.


Retain the Shape of Your Sweaters

The shoulders of a sweater can be stretched and misshapen when hung with shoulders over on the hanger. To prevent this and keep your sweater wrinkle free, use this method to hang the sweater. Lay the sweater on a flat surface with the arms out. Fold it in half so that they arms match up. Take the hook of the hanger and place it in the armpit. Now, fold the arms down over one side of the hanger and the body over the other. You can often hang more than one sweater per hanger.


Work with One Type of Clothing at a Time

You will be able to go faster if you focus on one type of clothing at a time. Focusing on clothing type, you’ll breeze through them as you build a rhythm. You’ll also be better able to sort your clothing into the correct piles more easily.


Fold Right Out of the Dryer

If you don’t wait to fold your clothes, not only will your clothes stay less wrinkled, you are more likely to put them away. When you stack your laundry and fold it all in the evening, you may not feel like doing it and end up leaving it on your bed, couch, or in the laundry room for days. If you fold clothes right out of the dryer, you immediately take care of the problem and put the clothes away.


Fold in Order of Lightest to Heaviest

Fold the lightest, most wrinkle-prone clothes first. If you get them right out of the dryer, you can save even more time because you won’t have to iron them later. Leave the heaviest items like jeans, socks, and sweaters for last. These bulky items don’t take as long to fold and don’t require as much precision to avoid wrinkles.

There’s no need to fear or dread folding your clothes. You can buy clothes from a site like www.allusaclothing.com and be satisfied that you have room for them among your other clothing. As you incorporate these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to streamline your folding process and cut down your laundry time.



This is a guest post written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write for health, women’s interests, and parenting interests. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters.


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