10 Alternative Uses for Hair Conditioner

10 Alternative Uses for Hair Conditioner


Anyway that you can find alternative ways to use the products you already have it is a great way to save. Oftentimes, these products are more affordable and easy to use for many different reasons.  

One product that has many different uses for is hair conditioner. Here are 10 alternative uses for hair conditioner.

#1. Make your own homemade dryer sheets.

This a great way to save money and still have softened clothes. To use just pour a small amount in a spray bottle and fill with water. Shake well each time you use it and just spray on a hand towel or wash cloth and put in the dryer with your laundry.

#2. Painlessly remove fake tattoos.

Every parent usually has some memory of viciously scrubbing a fake tattoo off of their child. Even though they are meant to be removable, sometimes if feels like you’re removing layers and layers of skin, as well. Use hair conditioner to gently and painlessly scrub off fake tattoos stuck on your child. Use soap and water to finish.

#3. Remove dust and protect your house plants.

Dust can be an annoying and irritating allergen lurking in your home. Remove dust and protect your house plants by rubbing a small amount on a dust rag. It will also help shine up the leaves and keep dust away.

#4. Moisturize your super dry and hard skin on your feet.

For those stubborn dry and hard feet using conditioner is a great solution. All you have to do is at night before you go to bed, rub on your feet generously, instead of lotion. Put socks on and by the morning, your feet will be soft and moisturized.

#5. Use to help remove makeup.

Use to help remove makeup, especially eyeliner, mascara, and other eye makeup. Dab a little on a cotton ball and gently rub over your eyes. Be sure to rinse completely off to avoid getting it in your eyes.

#6. Use as a detergent to hand wash your delicate laundry.

Use to hand wash your delicate laundry by putting a small amount in a wash basin and fill with water. Soak your laundry in the water and wring out the water. Hang dry or dry in dryer for delicate cycle.

#7. Helps untangle your kids hard to handle hair.

Use conditioner to help untangle hair either in the bathtub or out. In the bathtub apply generously and use a comb to get the tangles out slowly. To use out of the bathtub put a small amount in a spray bottle with warm water. Shake well and spritz the hair to be untangled with a comb.

#8. Use in when you’re showing to help you shave your legs.

While you’re in the shower use what you already have to help you shave your legs quickly and easily.  Hair conditioner works great as a shaving cream substitute. To use just pour a small amount in your hands and apply to legs. It will help the razor to glide easily and safely removing the unwanted hair.

#9. Use to help protect your tools from rust.

Use to help protect tools from rust because it provides a protective barrier. To use just apply to a rag and buffer on your tools.

#10. Use to help remove stuck on rings.

Use to help remove stuck on rings. It is a great lubricant that is safe for your skin, and easy to wash off with soap and water. Just apply a good amount above and below the ring. Gently work the ring off reapplying conditioner, as needed. Be sure to close the sink drain so you don’t lose the ring you worked so hard to get off.

There are some many money saving tips and tricks to use hair conditioner. It’s something that you probably already have one hand.

Hair conditioner can prove to be a great money saving option for many different household and personal needs.


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