Febreze Tower Air Purifier Review

Disclosure: I was provided the mentioned products to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

Febreze Tower Air Purifier Review

Entertaining is always higher during the summer months, so it’s important to have your house smelling fresh and clean but also free from dust and pollen that may trace inside from your guests. I was so excited when we had our annual Forth Of July party to be able to test out the Febreze Tower HEPA-Type Air Purifier! 

Febreze Tower Air Purifier Review

The Febreze Tower Air Purifier was amazing and kept my house smelling awesome with all kids and guests coming in and out all day! 

Febreze Tower Air Purifier Review

Febreze Tower Air Purifier Review

What I loved most about the Febreze Air Purifier was the 3 different settings, I kept mine on high for the party and it was not loud at all. I was so impressed that it did not overpower my guests talking.

More importantly with the linen and sky scent cartridge which comes included it kept my house smelling amazing all day long, but to over powering like some air fresheners could be. With a cat and kids in the house this is always important to me. I do not like the overpowering smell of the chemically air fresheners. You can even adjust the settings for the scent cartridge which is nice and not overpowering even at the highest level. 

Febreze Tower Air Purifier Review

Febreze Tower Air Purifier Review

The Febreze Tower Air Purifier was so simple to operate just open the back to unwrap the filers and stick in the little scent cartridge and your good to go! This model comes with 2 filters which I liked! 

Febreze Tower Air Purifier Specifications:

  • Dual-action HEPA-type filter captures up to 99% of airborne pollutants & allergens such as dust, smoke, pollen and pet hair & dander that passes through the filter
  • Designed for large sized rooms, Febreze freshness scent control dial allows you to control scent intensity
  • Includes 1 Linen & Sky™ scent cartridge
  • Circulates & filters room air up to 5 times an hour
  • Manual Controls with easy-grip knob
  • 3 air cleaning levels
  • Electronic filter and scent replacement indicators
  • ENERGY STAR qualified
  • Recommended for large rooms (170 sq. ft.)
  • Can also be used with Spring & Renewal™ scent cartridge (sold separately)
  • 3 Year Warranty


The Febreze Tower Air Purifier retails for just under $100 and you can pick one up on their website or Amazon along with replacement filters and scent refills!  

Febreze Tower Air Purifier Review

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  1. This looks like a fantastic way to purify air. Febreeze is a super cool brand too, I love their scents for air fresheners.

  2. We have the spray bottles in lavender at home but, I never thought they made an air purifier. I love the idea and will check it out.

  3. My husband and daughter do not tolerate dust much, so this air purifier would be perfect for them. I really like that this purifier lets you adjust the settings for the scent cartridge, so you can choose how strong it smells.

  4. Hi Jenn! Thanks for the great information. This looks like a good lower cost option for single room air purification. Do you know how often the filter needs to be changed?

  5. Excellent article! Air purifiers are a must in the summer, especially at places where it is hot and humid. Air purifiers do not cost much and comparatively useless energy. Febreze looks well designed as well.

  6. Hello Jenn, this sound likes an amazing air purifier! I also liked the design of your purifier. One more thing, that’s a wonderful thing that you shared about air purifier through video. Thanks for sharing this edifying blog.