10 Alternative Uses for Hand Sanitizer

10 Alternative Uses for Hand Sanitizer


When it comes to saving money every little bit counts and adds up. Using your resources wisely is smart. It is also a way to help reduce waste overall for our world. Finding alternative uses for products you already have is a great way to use your resources in the best way possible.

We all know that hand sanitizer is used to kill germs on your hands but, here are 10 alternative uses for hand sanitizer.

#1. Use to get stains off of walls or counters.

Hand sanitizer is great for getting stains off of walls and counters. It is even strong enough to get permanent marker off of hard surfaces. Just be sure that your counters are able to withstand the rubbing alcohol that is in it.

#2. Use to get stains off of clothes or other material.

Hand sanitizer is at great at getting out stains on clothing or household material like couch cushions and curtains. It’s important to test a small area first to be sure the color is staying put and not bleeding or changing in any way.

#3. Use to remove sticker or glue remains on glass.

Stickers on glass can be so stubborn and hard to get off. Hand sanitizer can help remove the glue and residue left by a sticker on your glass jars or even your new appliances.

#4. Use to clean cell phones, books, or any hard surface.

Nothing picks up more germs and finger prints then cell phones or remotes. Hand sanitizer is a great way to clean these surfaces and kill the germs. It can even help clean book covers and make them look shiny and new again.

#5. Can be used cautiously to help start a fire.

The alcohol in hand sanitizer is highly flammable so it can be used to start a fire. It is important to use caution and only have adults do this.

#6. Use to clean chrome and stainless steel.

Another great use for hand sanitizer is cleaning and shining chrome. It also does a great job on stainless steel appliances as well.

#7. Use to kill stubborn foot odors.

Most people have strong foot odors, especially after a hard day’s work. Even after you shower and wash your feet it may be hard to clean all your little nooks and crannies. Any place germs can hid and cause difficulties for you they will. Hand sanitizer is a great way to help not only kill the germs that are hiding, but it helps keep your feet fresh and odor free between showers.

#8. Help reduce inflammation in pimples.

Use cautiously, so you do not get it in your eyes, nose, or mouth, but hand sanitizer can be used to help reduce pimples. The alcohol in it will help kill the germs and help it to dry out.

#9. Use to help clean public restroom toilet seat.

If you’re out and use a public toilet, a seat cover is not always available. If you don’t have a seat cover you can clean the seat with tissue paper and hand sanitizer.

#10. Help to reduce itchy bug bites.

If you are out and get an itchy bug bite using hand sanitizer can help. All you have to do is rub a little and it will help soothe the itchy bug bite.

There are so many different uses for products you already have around the house, like hand sanitizer. Next time you run out of your usual cleaner, try using a little hand sanitizer and save yourself some money.


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  1. I never thought about using it to get stains out of clothes! That’s a pretty neat idea. I will have to try it.