9 Park Essentials For Every Mom To Pack #Snackation

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9 Park Essentials For Every Mom To Pack


My kids love the park! It’s a fun a frugal way to enjoy an afternoon. Such a great way for them to burn that extra energy and if planned correctly can be a fun non whining zone all day long. 

I like to prepare with a few park essentials before we head out. With three kids, it is hard to keep everyone happy but I do my best so everyone can have a great fun filled day. Mine usually starts at Walmart to load up on Snackation essentials for the park but there are a few other items I always like to have on hand. 

9 Park Essentials For Every Mom To Pack

1 – Plenty of Drinks 

Keep them (and you) hydrated, especially with the summer heat. I always make sure I have an extra water bottle on hand for friends too! 

2 – Baby Wipes 

Kids are messy! Make sure you have some sort of wipe on hand for those sticky messes from lunch or dirt if they are running around in the grass or sand at some parks. 

snack essentials for the park

3 – Snacks and plenty of them

My kids are hungry 24/7. I make sure I have simple snacks on hand like Smuckers Uncrustables, Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls and Jif – To – Go chocolate silks. Add in some bananas and everyone has their favorite Snackations for a fun day at the park. 

4 – Mini First Aid Kit 

Accidents can happen. Make sure you are prepared with Band – Aids, alcohol pads and small gauze pads. Anything like my youngest you are bound to end up with a boo-boo here and there. 

5 – Hand Sanitizer 

I always have a million of these mini hand sanitizers on hand for the kids. The park bathrooms especially you never know when you need a little extra sanitizing from those germs. 

6 – Mini Umbrella 

I have learned this one the hard way. There is nothing like getting caught in the rain during a unexpected South Florida storm and run back to the car was not a fun one. 

7 – Sunscreen

My kids are so fair skinned I always have a mini bottle of sunscreen at all times. I never know when we will make that unexpected stop to a park I want to keep them protected from the sun. 

8 – Camera 

Capture those precious moments and take pictures of those adorable kiddos having fun! 

9 – Blanket 

Most of the parks we go to have picnic tables but in the event they are all occupied I like to spread out a huge blanket for us to enjoy some snacks on when the kiddos want to take a break from playing. 


park essentials

What are your top park essentials you never leave home without? 


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2 thoughts on “9 Park Essentials For Every Mom To Pack #Snackation”

  1. We love to go to the park, but rarely take anything. It cuts our park day short because I am having to run home to get something. I have bookmarked your list for the next sunny day we head to the park.

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