Planning For Our Park Snackation Day Of Fun #Snackation

Disclosure: I was recently asked by The J.M. Smucker Company to create some unique tips for using a new product and I wanted to share that with all of you.


Summer is all about weekend getaways and fun day trips for us. We have gone to the beach, the pool,zoo and so much more fun day adventures. 

planning our snackation

Last weekend was our last weekend of summer and we had one more thing planned, a trip to my kids favorite park. Its a huge castle themed park that they love and could spend hours there. I knew snacks were a must so we headed out early in the morning to get everything we needed. 

snackation to the park

Having snacks when we go anywhere is a essential, especially when we roll. Someone is always hungry! I like to keep it simple but try to come up with nutritional options to keep up their energy in the park all morning. 

Thanks to Walmart and Smucker’s we were able to get everything we needed for a our park Snackation day of fun. 

Each of them got to pick their favorite Park Snackation snacks for the day. 

First thing on the list was Uncrustables. Like many kids mine love their PB & J and since I can throw them in our park bag to unfreeze its the perfect option for any day out. 

smuckers uncrstables

This little boy loves his strawberry jam Uncrustables! 

snackation fruit fulls

Next up was CJ’s pick. He loves the Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls.

smuckers fruit fulls


A great healthy snack while traveling without the mess or traditional applesauce. 

jif to go

No snackation would be complete without something chocolate – after all Bri and I, we love our chocolate dessert type snacks! The Jif – To – Go chocolate silks and peanut butter are great for dipping fruit or crackers when out and about for the day. 

And we were off to the park! A quick 15 minutes trip and these snacks will keep the kids happy all morning long. 

Check out more Snackation ideas for your summer trips.

What are your favorite must Snackation items when you travel on vacation or day trip? 



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10 thoughts on “Planning For Our Park Snackation Day Of Fun #Snackation”

  1. Rebecca Swenor

    Jif’s and Smuckers have come along way and have made great improvements to their products. I am going to have to try the Jif’s Cookie and Creme spread for sure. They both have great snack ideas for the kids now. Thanks for sharing.

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