Shopping Totals & Surgery

shopping totals & surgery

Happy Friday! 

Last weekend we had a blast at our annual Fourth of July party! It was so nice to hang out with our family and friends for the day, eat delicious food and relax a bit. The kids enjoyed the water slide bounce house with their friends. The only thing I did not think about was my candy bar set up.

candy bar

I decided to have it inside since it was 95 degrees that day and all of the chocolate would melt. With the kids coming in and out while soaking wet I had quite the mess to clean up afterwards. Thank goodness for tile though, once I realized the muddy mess I was able to lay a path of bathroom towels around the candy station to prevent a bigger mess. Now I know for next year :). But they all enjoyed it so much! 

bounce house

The kids and I spent the rest of the week having fun at different activities like bowling with some neighbors and seeing Inside Out. This week was a extra fun week since Bri is having her adenoid surgery on Tuesday. I am a wreck! I know its a common procedure but as a mom handing over a sedated child makes me so nervous! I hear though its a pretty quick and easy surgery. I’m hoping she won’t be out of commission for that long, fingers crossed! 

That said, we did pick up  few treats for her while she is recovering. We had a snow cone machine for our Fourth of July party so I grabbed a few extra flavors of syrup for her. I also picked up some special ice pops. She is so picky when it comes to flavors so I wanted to make sure she liked everything before I bought huge boxes, those things are not cheap when they are full price aren’t they? 

I did a huge haul at BJ’s and Publix this week but still pretty happy with my shopping totals, including all of Bri’s specialty items. Since my shopping totals were low last week it all evened out anyway. 


Here are my shopping totals: 

Spent – $189.21

Saved – $41.44

Feel free to link up and comment on your shopping totals too! Please when linking keep it to a shopping trip post all links to your homepage will be deleted.   

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