5 Free Summer Activity Printable Worksheets

5 Free Summer Activity Printable Worksheets


This is the first real week of summer for us and we have so many fun things planned. We sat down the other night and went over our summer to do’s. My kids came up with some great ideas for day trips for us but I am trying to keep them from getting bored on those down times of the day but also trying to implement fun learning where I can.

So today I have some free summer activity printables for you to print out and enjoy with your kids.

Since JJ will be entering Pre-K in the fall this is a great way to get him used to the traditional worksheets he will be doing there. My kids love these worksheets when I print them out for them. Its a nice way for them to work together ( well for the most part) but it keeps them entertained in our late afternoons so I can get some housework done or start to cook dinner.

I have 5 fun Summer Activity Printable worksheets to choose from below

fill in the blank summer activity printable

Simply fill in the letter that is missing in the summer themed word.

Download the Summer Fill-Ins Summer Activity Printable


matching summer activity printables

Draw a line from the object on the left to the matching object on the right.

Download the Summer Matching Summer Activity Printable


Maze Summer Activity Printable

Maze Summer Activity Printables

Get to the end of the maze to help the kids get to their sandcastle.

Download the Summer Maze Summer Activity Printable – Download the Summer Maze Solution


crossword Summer Activity Printables

Answer the questions to complete the summer themed crossword puzzle.

Download the Summer Crossword Puzzle Summer Activity Printable


word search Summer Activity Printables

Search for the summer-themed hidden words going up, down, left and right.

Download the Summer Word Search Summer Activity Printable



All of these printables are free a download. Hope your kids enjoy them as much as mine! Happy Summer!


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13 thoughts on “5 Free Summer Activity Printable Worksheets”

  1. Thank you for these wonderful printables. I am going to share them with my son’s first grade class on the last day of school this Friday.

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