5 Essential Skin Care Tips #BeautyStory

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5 Essential Skin Care Tips

My mom has always been such an inspiration to me. The number one thing I will always take with me and pass on to my own daughter is, beauty comes from within yourself. Its not the make up, hair color or clothes we wear its who we are and the natural features we have that are beautiful.

My mom wore very little make-up and did not really fuss with her hair but there was one meticulous beauty regime she lived by. That was taking care of her skin. 


5 Essential Skin Care Tips 

1 – Wash your face twice a day

Dirt and oils build up throughout the night, remember to wash your pillow case often too. Plus you never want to go to bed with your make up on so it’s important to get your face nice and clean before you hit the sheets.

2 – Moisturize

Besides keeping your skin hydrated a good moisturizer can help keep your skin smooth and soft. 

3 – Drink plenty of water

Your skin is made up of cells. Just like other cells in your body they need to stay hydrated. Lack of hydration leads to dry and flaky skin. 

4 – Get enough sleep

Not only does your body need it but your under eye area will thank you after a good nights sleep. 

5 – Apply sunscreen

I try to find a daytime moisturizer that has a SPF already in it but if you don’t apply sunscreen to avoid premature aging.

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Dove knows the importance of real beauty, shaped by real women. So they are celebrating with a fantastic campaign that will give thanks to those that helped us shape the way we see beauty and hopefully inspire other women and girls to discover their own. Share your beauty tips, routines and who inspires the way you look at beauty with the #BeautyStory

Check out this amazing video from Dove’s to hear one family’s inspiring #BeautyStory. Watch four generations of women pass along their #BeautyStory secret: their Dove Beauty Bar. I was so touched when one of the daughters said  “My mom was the one who started this all off, and she passed it along to me and my sister. Then we passed it along to our daughters. So I guess it’s kind of like a family secret.” How cute is that!

I plan on passing along my moms skin care tips to Bri and hopefully our #BeautyStory skin care tips will continue through her children. 


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Now until 5/23 when you purchase any Dove product at CVS you’ll receive 50% off your second Dove product of equal or lesser value. 


What are your #BeautyStory skin care tips that you’d like to share?


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  1. Spring is a great time to get a professional facial to ensure deep pore cleansing and exfoliation to rejuvenate your skin from winter dryness. You’ll see the difference and it will prepare your skin with a fresh Spring glow. I always follow this tip.

  2. Hello,I read this post,it gives great tips and useful knowledge,it is very useful to take care of your skin in winter and summer seasons.Good post,Thanks for sharing useful tips.

  3. Getting in the routine of washing your face twice a day is so important to making sure your skin stays healthy. I also had no idea that staying hydrated could be so beneficial to healthy skin!

  4. I do follow most of these tips except sunscreen and moisturising.As my skin is oily,it becomes more oily after applying it so I try to stay away from both.Can you suggest me a good sunscreen as well moisturizer for oily skin,it would be a great help.Thanks for sharing this nice article

    • I have acne prone skin so I use a moisturizer from Murad found at Ulta and Sephora. It contains a SPF in it you can find it here here

  5. That’s a good point that dirt and oils build up throughout the night. That’s why you regularly wash your face. Even then, your face naturally degrades over time, so services like coolsculpting or botox can be used to maintain your skin.

  6. Nice tips! This should make a daily routine. I strongly agreed with two points, that is, having a good sleep and keeping our skin hydrated can make a lot of difference in our skin.