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My morning routine starts before I wake up the kids. I keep it simple since, well I am not a morning person. I enjoy that half hour or 45 minutes of peace and quiet before the kids wake up but I literally have to roll myself out of bed to get started.

I try my hardest to get all of my morning routine chores out of the way before I have my first cup of coffee for the day. By that time the kids are up and I need the extra kick. 

On weekdays I get up at about 6 am never any later, then I just feel way to rushed. My morning routine has changed since Bri and CJ have started school. I do the same tasks but everything has moved up during the day. On the weekends we try to sleep a little later – when they let me but I still stick to the same morning routine. 

I like to start my day off with the same morning routine so it sets me up for success throughout the day. 

I started routines after the first year I became a stay at home mom. I just needed the structure and it made me feel more accomplished. I floundered that first year and honestly, I couldn’t stand it so something had to be done.


My Morning Routine Breakdown 


Make My Bed – This is the very first thing I do as soon as I get up. I talked about why I make my bed in a post I wrote last week. By making my bed not only does it allow me not to crawl back into it but its a small task. It takes just a few minutes and instant gratification. 

Start A Load Of Laundry – The night before I try to have a basket of laundry ready to go right into the washing machine. I found if I don’t start something right away, I never will during the day. Once I get back from dropping off the kids at school, I switch it right over to the dryer. This keeps me on top of my laundry. I do one load a day, with 3 kids its worked out really well that way. 

Unload The Dishwasher – I head into the kitchen and start unloading the dishwasher while I finish packing the kids lunchboxes. (Tip- I do this the night before and just throw in their ice packs in the morning, this is part of my nighttime routine). 

Wipe Down Bathrooms – This became important when I had boys fully potty trained. Moms of boys you know what I’m saying. As soon as JJ and I get back home I hit the bathrooms and wipe down the sinks and toilets. It makes deep cleaning SO much easier. 

A good morning routine starts off with a nightly routine for me. I’m working on that post next. They sort of go hand in hand. By setting up your morning the night before it makes for easy sailing mornings and I get off to the right foot for the day. 

Start off with writing it all down. 

morning routine printable

I designed a simple free morning routine printable for you to start off with. Keep your morning routine simple no more than 6 easy tasks that you can easily manage in less than an hour is my goal when I made mine. 

Not every morning routine will work for you. Don’t get discouraged if you have to tweak it a bit the first time or two. 

Do you have a morning routine? 

What does yours look like? I am always fascinated how other moms schedule their day. 




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  1. Those are good morning routines to do. Mine starts pretty much on the computer so I can get reply to emails and “think” before I get the kids breakfast. I too wake up about an hour before my kiddos. Then I start the chores for the day after my oldest goes to school, but seeing how you do it before, might be easier… I might consider that.
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