C Section Moms Are Lazy? Nope, I Think Not!

Have you guys seen that Facebook page that was going around on social media claiming c section moms are lazy? As a three time c section mom, it’s hit a nerve with me and I’m sure I’m not alone here fellow c section moms, right? 

C Sections Moms Are Lazy? Nope, I Think Not!

NOTE: The Facebook group has been taken down but you can read some of what was written on this site.

Lazy? We are not lazy because we chose or were advised to have a c section. We did what we thought was best for us and our babies. What ever path that was. 

For my own children’s births my daughter set the tone for my birth stories. She, as in true Bri stubborn fashion, was transverse. She laid across my stomach and never turned on her own head down or even breech. Advised by my OB we went ahead and scheduled a c section as turning seemed to be too risky for me. It was not a guarantee and I thought the risks were too high to try. I had a c section because it was safer for my baby.


My Godsons mother was induced and after 15 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing demanded a c section. She had an anxiety attack while pushing which lowered her and her babies oxygen levels. Scared for the safety of both of them, she said she was done pushing and begged for a c section. She had a c section because she felt it was safer for her baby. 


When my sister gave birth her water broke earlier than expected. Once she got to the hospital my niece was at negative station and no plans of coming out anytime soon. My sister suffered from preeclampsia and would have to deliver what they thought an over sized baby. After some talking her doctor advised her to have a c section. She didn’t want to, she saw all three of mine pretty up close and personal to say the least. She eventually had a c section because it was safer for her baby.


See the pattern here? We all did what WE thought was safer for our children. 

c section moms

All moms have their own birth plan. Whether it goes as planned or not, that’s up to the babies, not us. We are simply here to welcome these precious gifts how we see fit. 

Does that make us lazy? I don’t think so. 

I’ll just put this out there I was not a breastfeeding mom, my children had pacifiers way later than what is “recommended” and I’m not a crunchy mom by any means. 

Do those make me lazy too? I don’t think so! 

I’m also not here to debate what is the “right or wrong” way to parent your children. There is no right or wrong way, plain and simple. 

We are all moms just trying to do what is best for us and our unique situation. The miracles we bring into this world are ours, not meant to be judged how they came into this world simply that they arrive safely and hopefully healthy. 

Instead of judging other moms because to some, we took “the easy way out” or are “lazy” come together as moms with the same goal, healthy and happy children. 

Let’s hear your thoughts. Do you think c section moms are lazy? 




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16 thoughts on “C Section Moms Are Lazy? Nope, I Think Not!”

    1. I agree, the doctors are just making a call that they feel is right for their patient. Not lazy to me!

  1. I think NOT! I myself pushed for 11 hours straight and my baby girl just wouldn’t budge.How is that lazy? My OB new I didn’t want a c-section and held out as long as he could but for the sake of the baby they performed an emergency c-section. Nothing lazy about that. Recovery was excruciating and I still had a baby to look after. Lazy? Preposterous!
    Celi recently posted…LeftMy Profile

    1. 11 hours, I applaud you! Recovery is pretty tough for sure, nothing lazy about that recovery time either.

  2. The supposed “Christian” who started that horrible group will get what’s coming to him! How dare he judge any one for how they were able to bring a beautiful life in to the world? I didn’t have a c-section, but believe me, there were no medals passed out at the end of pushing out my baby! And by then, I would have done anything anyone suggested to get her out! This isn’t colonial times, modern medicine is here to help us!
    The lovely one recently posted…1000– A Measure of Success?My Profile

    1. You hit the nail on the head, modern medicine is here to help not to later come back and be judged.

  3. i have had my babies both ways and they both were born. either way they were born. i hate shaming for sections, they were still born.

  4. I respect moms who underwent both normal delivery and c-section. Carrying a baby for 9 months surely doesn’t seem easy, and experiencing contractions obviously doesn’t look easy, most especially during the actual labor or the injecting of epidural. I’m also concerned about those soon-to-be-moms or first-time-moms that go under too much stress. Rest more, have fun, and be with your supportive family. You deserve a lot of good. Mommy!
    Yang recently posted…Keto Diet Plateau: How to Overcome ItMy Profile

  5. I pushed my first 2 but the third one was overdue and had to be induced. After hours of labour pains and pushing i had an emergency c section because my baby was in distress. So no we not lazy, we make the right decisions for our babies and shouldn’t be judged for it.

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