Birthday Weekend Fun – No Shopping Totals

Birthday Weekend Fun No Shopping Totals

Happy Friday! 

This week was spring break for the kids at our house and it happens to be Bri’s 8th birthday today. How did that happen!? You turn around and they are another year older. I don’t know where 8 years went with her, the only problem is this chic acts like a teenager already. I think its so funny they can’t wait to grow up and here I am in my early 30’s and I’d love nothing more than for time to slow down.

birthday girl 8

So this morning we are off to Orlando for the weekend. We are taking the kids to LEGOLAND! We went a few years ago and they loved it! This mini vacation is much needed after a long week at home. We will still have a little something for Bri tonight at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. When we get back a small family get together with cake and gifts. 

Since my husband was working late a few nights and in school the others this week I was able to get by with some put together meals for the kids. I pretty much used up leftovers or anything I had laying around in the freezer. I can restock when we get back. So I have no real shopping totals to share this week, I will restock next week. I love weeks like this one where I did not spend a dime. Literally nothing! I even had enough produce to get us through. 

So this week I have no shopping totals to report, it’s all about your totals! How did you guys do this week? 

Feel free to link up and comment on your shopping totals too! Please when linking keep it to a shopping trip post all links to your homepage will be deleted.    



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