How To Keep Your Kids Safe During After School Activities

How To Keep Your Kids Safe During After School Activities


After school activities can be educational and fun for children. They provide a structured environment if you cannot be present when school ends. You need to take some precaution to protect your children from common dangers.

You can do several things to keep your kids safe during after school activities.


  • Know the People around Your Children


The first step is to know who is around your children during the activities. Find out who your kids are playing with and the people supervising the activity. Learn about the people working at the location. This will help you to keep your children safe by steering them away from potentially dangerous or questionable individuals.


  • Give Your Child a Cell Phone


Give your child a cell phone to carry around after school. Teach your kids how to use the cell phone to call you or the police for help. A simple cell phone is an invaluable tool that can save your children’s lives if they become lost or separated from others during after school activities.


  • Make Sure Your Child Can Swim


Even shallow fountains or streams can be a serious hazard for children. Make sure your child can swim. Take your kids to swim lessons so that they have professional training in the water, say the experts at USA Management. Swimming lessons can protect your children against drowning regardless of the situation.


  • Teach Your Child Where to Go For Help


You want to teach your child where to go for help if something happens. Show your kids how to identify trusted figures like police officers, close neighbors or firefighters. Walk them to the nearest police station. This allows your kids to get help fast during an emergency if you are not around.


  • Check for Constant Supervision


Do not let your young kids take part in after-school activities unless there is constant supervision. This is especially important if you cannot be at the location. Supervision by other trusted parents or professionals will protect your child from harm.


  • Discuss and Enforce Strict Rules


A final step is to discuss and enforce strict rules. Talk to your children about playing in the street, starting fights and dealing with bullies. Let them know to stay away from strangers. If rules are broken, then take disciplinary action. Discussing those rules will eliminate many potential risks during after-school activities.


Keeping your children safe is a full-time job even with a good after school program. You want to prepare for any possible dangers. Teaching your kids how to dial a cell phone, swim and find help will give them the tools to stay safe even when you are not around.


Guest post written by Anita. Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She mostly writes about home and family, finance, and business. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and reading a good book.




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7 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Kids Safe During After School Activities”

  1. These are great safety tips. I have a five year old and while right now he doesn’t participate in any activities without me, one day he might. I have already thought him how to dial 912 on our smartphones and how to look for policemen or fire fighters. Next on our list is a good fire escape plan. Thanks for this!
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  2. Great advice to keep your kids safe during after school activities! It can be so hard to keep track of their safety in this busy world. Thanks for sharing!

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