10 Valentines Crafts To Do With Your Kids

Valentines crafts can be so much fun to keep your little ones busy. I enjoy fun little holidays like Valentines Day, its about the love and spending time with each of them.

10 Valentines Crafts To Do With Your Kids

They can be simple and fun but keeping with a common theme in mind usually red and a heart somewhere. Crafts do not have to be complicated with kids. I am not crafty in the least bit so I always try to look for crafts even I can easily do.

I am much better in the kitchen! Give me a few ingredients that is where my creativity comes out. Crafting not so much. Simple is best for me but I still enjoy the quality time with my kids when we do any sort of crafty project.

Making memories while they are this age is what it is all about this year in my house. This year I want to try to make more time with my kids. Life happens we get busy and before I knew it although there was time with my kids on a day to day basis I feel I am lacking in the quality time with each of them. 

So today I have 10 really adorable Valentines Day crafts for you to do with your little ones.

JJ my four year old loves doing crafts with me, since the big kids are at school and he has mommy all to himself. I am going to miss these days when he starts Pre-K in the fall. I don’t know where the school year has gone already. It’s just flying by. 


10 Valentines Crafts For Kids

DIY Friendship Bracelets – Moms and Crafters 

Love Tree Valentines Craft – One Creative Mommy 

Valentine Heart Garland – Jinxy Kids

Fruit Loops Valentines Day Craft – Days Of Domestic Dad 

Valentines Day Heart Stamping – Mom vs The Boys 

Foam Stickers Valentines Crafts – Family Food and Travel 

Love Bug Finger Puppets – Family Food and Travel 

Heart Bird Feeder – The Springmount 6 Pack 

Love Potion Valentines Craft – Mommy’s Bundle 

Clay Heart Ornaments – Crafts On Sea 


Have fun with these Valentines Day crafts with your kids. They will love them. 


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