How Can I Become an Active Participant in the Community?

Moving into a new community opens up all sorts of possibilities for getting involved. Along with helping to make the area better, you also have the chance to begin building connections and friendships.

how to Become an Active Participant in the Community

For anyone who wants to truly be active in the life of his or her community, try these tips. 

Find Out What is Going On

Learning more about what is happening in the district and city government must be one of your priorities. Find out which council members represent your community on the city council and get to know how they stand on issues facing the city in general. While you are at it, contact city hall and get the schedule for council meetings that are open to the public. 

The best way for you to learn what is going on locally is to attend those meetings and find out what is being discussed. From there, it will be much easier to investigate those issues, come up with your own opinions, and be prepared to share them in the public forum. 

Volunteer Some of Your Time and Talents

As you get to know your new community, look for opportunities to connect with an organization that is doing something to make things better for others. Draw on your own talents and skills to help you find the right place to volunteer. Even if you think you do not have any special skills, there is still plenty to do. 

Check with local houses of worship and find out who operates a clothing store or a food center for the needy. If nothing else, you can help stock the shelves and fold clothing for display. If you have clerical skills, you can help prepare mailing pieces that go out to donors. Assuming that you’ve helped set up a fundraising event before, help out with an upcoming event. 

Perhaps you do not feel comfortable working with the public, but you do happen to own a pickup truck. Consider volunteering some time to pick up donated items for a local charity. You will do them a service, and also free up someone else to take on tasks that you do not feel suited to manage. 

Stand Up for Change

If after becoming involved in charity and city council, you realize there is room for improvement, stand up for change. If you have a good idea, share it with city council members or start a petition. If you want to affect change even more, you can even consider running for city council or the local school board. Expanding your education is also helpful. Consider getting a New England College masters of public policy degree to add to your resume.
No matter what your circumstances, there are ways to give back to the local community. Even small contributions of time and resources will benefit you and everyone else in the area. Your efforts along with those of others really will make a difference, and ensure that life is better for everyone.

 This is a guest post written by Meghan. Meghan is a freelance writer, blogger and researcher from Oklahoma.
She enjoys being in the outdoors and exploring new opportunities whenever they arise as well as researching new topics to expand her horizons.


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  1. I got involved mostly by doing stuff at the school for the kids and then through Cub Scouts. Meeting other parents, you learn where services are needed and where they get involved. We make it a group activity every month for the scouts too. Always a good thing to get kids involved young I think!

  2. great tips! we are very active in our community and it makes a huge difference. we feel more connected to people.

  3. Lovely home! <3
    These are great tips for getting involved in your community. My daughter is still in high school and it's hard not to be involved. My daughter signed up to sell 50/50 raffles for National Honor Society this weekend and parents have to handle the money (gambling rules). Guess who was selling 50/50 tickets? hee-hee. Always something.
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