Raising a Child with Epilepsy

 Raising a Child with Epilepsy


Raising a child is rarely a task that a parent would describe as simple and easy, but when your child has been diagnosed with epilepsy, your challenges can increase in many ways. All parents struggle with issues related to behavior, social concerns about their friends and other related concerns.


Parents of kids with epilepsy, a disorder characterized by having numerous seizures, have even more profound challenges that must be successfully dealt with. 

Concerns about Their Safety

It can be scary for a parent to watch his or her child having a seizure. You may worry about your child harming himself while convulsing, and you may be worried about breathing, choking and other issues. A seizure is a neural reaction that takes place in the brain, and you may also have concerns about the impact that a seizure has your child’s brain and nervous system. While you may have thoroughly educated yourself about the proper steps to take when your child does have a seizure, you may be concerned about those times when your child is not in your care. Medical bracelets for kids can alert others, such as emergency medical responders of special information they need to know when providing care to your child. However, when your child is at a friend’s house, at school or in another environment, the concerns may remain about how the first responders to your child may care for him or her during a seizure episode.

Finding Quality Care
All parents want to find quality care for the kids, and this care may range from childcare for younger kids to healthcare services for those of all ages. For a childcare setting, you may need to find a school that offers affordable rates and a clean, stimulating environment, but you may also need to find a school that has caregivers who are able to give your child the extra care and attention he or she may need. This may limit your options significantly, and you may find that you have to drive too far to reach the right school. For some parents, the lack of a good option may be a reason that one parent decides to stay home to care for the child rather than to pursue a career outside the home. Quality healthcare is immensely important as well, and your child may need to be cared for by several specialists. Finding the right professionals can be challenging, and you may find that you need to drive a considerable distance to give your child the healthcare he or she truly needs.

Social Considerations 

Epilepsy can impact the individual’s behavior and mood, and this can make it difficult for some children to create solid, lasting friendships. Other children may not understand why your child has mood swings, and some who have witnessed a seizure may be intimidated by your child. Parents, however, may want their kids to enjoy having great friends in their lives, and you may find yourself actively trying to nurture friendships. You may also buffer your child from friends while he or she is having a more intense mood swing. 

The Financial Impact 

Parents may want to provide their child with epilepsy with the best life possible, and this includes giving them access to quality healthcare and the best childcare possible. These may be costly for parents. There are also other costs, such as medications, the loss of income if one parent stays home with the child and additional medical services that other children may not need. The financial impact on your lives can be staggering to say the least, and providing your child with the care and services needed may result in you needing to make sacrifices in other areas of your life. 

If your child has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy, you may wonder what changes are in store for you. On the other hand, if your child has had epilepsy for a longer period of time, you may be able to relate to each of these challenges through first-hand experience. While coping with epilepsy can be challenging, parents must find a way to adjust to these challenges and to find a great resolution in the best interest of the child. 


This is a guest post written by Karleia. Karleia is a freelance blogger and mother of two young daughters. You can follow her on Google+

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