How To Take Care Of You Kids When You Are Suffering From Morning Sickness

 How To Take Care Of You Kids When You Are Suffering From Major Morning Sickness

During the first trimester of pregnancy, one of the worst symptoms often experienced by most women is morning sickness. For some, it can be debilitating and a challenge to stay active throughout the day.

For those who already have children, there’s often a struggle with taking care of the kids while suffering for several hours. To keep the kids busy while also tending to your own needs, there are a few methods to getting through the day.

 Taking care of your kids when you are suffering from morning sickness.


  • Hire a Babysitter


One of the easiest ways to deal with days where you experience major morning sickness is to hire a babysitter to come over for a few hours. This will ensure that the kids get fed, any messes are cleaned up and the children don’t become bored without your company. If you have family or friends nearby willing to help, you might not have to spend the extra cash for a little help.


  • Put a Movie On


When you can’t do anything but lay on the couch or run to the bathroom, it’s best to put a movie on that will keep the kids occupied while you try to recover. It will allow you to stay in one place and even shut your eyes for a few minutes.


  • Establish Quiet Time


Don’t be afraid to establish quiet time for a few hours where your children can read, color or work on a puzzle while you rest. It’s a better alternative than turning on the television and will allow you to cope with the nausea.


  • Keep The Kids in One Room


To stay in one place and prevent having to get up every few minutes, keep your kids in one room where they can play and make a mess while still having your supervision. You can easily sit in the corner while keeping an eye on their activities.


  • Purchase New Toys


Your kids will likely stay entertained if you introduce new toys to them. Try pulling out a new item once a day or every few hours to keep them busy. It might be a good idea to swap toys with other families in your neighborhood too to save money and keep the kids entertained.


  • Use Activity Books


For older children who are beginning to learn numbers and spelling, use activity books for a great way to help them develop while you can lay down nearby.


Instead of relying on the television to keep your kids entertained when you suffer from major morning sickness, there are a few ways to take care of them without feeling like they’re neglected. It will allow you to use the restroom or lay in bed when it’s necessary while still caring for your children until the nausea subsides. You can also ask your doctor for ideas on how to handle morning sickness symptoms if it becomes more frequent with a high risk pregnancy, says Dr. Gilbert Webb of St. Louis


How did you cope with morning sickness when you had other children to take care of? 



Guest post written by Anita. Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She mostly writes about home and family, finance, and business. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and reading a good book.


photo credit: ~Liliana via photopin cc

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  1. It’s been almost 10 years since we were in this season of life, but I remember it so well. The guilt I always had about my older son drove me crazy! Wonderful tips here! Wish blogging were popular back in my pregnancy days…what a lifesaver it would’ve been! 🙂

  2. You do have great tips here. It’s nice too, when there’s people around to help. We were lucky in our old place (different state) to be surrounded by family and friends, and they were always willing to step in and help if I was down and out w/morning sickness. Thankfully I only got it with one of four kiddos. Woot! 🙂
    Rosey recently posted…Bringing in December with FabKidsMy Profile

  3. This is definitely something I had a problem with every single time. I was able to drive everyone to school and then come home and spend the morning puking. Thankfully, my office knew it was bad and let me come in 30 minutes late every day.
    Stephanie Pass recently posted…Coffee, Confetti, & K-cupsMy Profile