Christmas Meal Planner Printable

A Christmas Meal Planner makes planning my Christmas dinner less stressful for me each year. I can take my time on what I want to serve for each course or help keep track of who is bringing what.

Christmas Meal Planner Printable

Keeping it all organized with a grocery list on the same page makes it easier for me visually too. I can flip to just that page in my Christmas section in my household binder and see what I need. There is a spot for everything including desserts, drinks and even household items like special Christmas napkins or tablecloths.

So today I have a free Christmas Meal Planner Printable for you too. Christmas should not be stressful so I hope this helps you plan a beautiful meal without fuss.

What I like to do is place this Christmas meal planner inside a plastic protector sheet. That way if I am trying anything new I can print that recipe and slip in inside behind my meal planner. Everything is at my fingertips when I go to make my meal plan and grocery list.

The key to pulling off a larger meal for your entire extended family or friends is to get organized. It can save so much time and worry. By planning ahead of time allows you to enjoy the extra time with your family and out of town guests.

Download my free Printable Christmas Meal Planner

Don’t forget to print my free Christmas gift list printable too. It will help you stay organized with all those gifts this year. Stay on top of what you have to purchase if it was wrapped and if you bought it already.



What is your favorite part of the Christmas meal every year?


Need more Christmas printables? I got you covered!

Download my entire Christmas planner while you’re at it!

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30 thoughts on “Christmas Meal Planner Printable”

  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    That is an awesome printable. My mom does Christmas dinner, so I am printing this out for her.

  2. Although I have no use for this printable I certainly know people who do! This will certainly yake some of the stress out of planning for a major dinner.

  3. This is such a great printable. I’m not 100% sure if I’ll be cooking at Christmas (we haven’t decided where we’ll be on Christmas Day.) But this could be used for other big meals too.

    1. Hope everything runs smooth for your first year hosting. I love when we have Christmas at our house 🙂

  4. That’s an awesome printable and one I know that most people can certainly use around this time.

    1. Oh wow! That’s a lot of people, I think at most I’ve has is 15. Good luck, hope this helps 🙂

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