Weekly Shopping Totals & Happy Halloween

halloween shopping totals


Happy Friday and Happy Halloween! 

Hope you guys all had a great week. This morning after we drop the older kids at school I am taking my youngest to IHOP for a scary face pancake. He loves going out to breakfast with me so I figured this would be a nice Halloween surprise for him. 

“The witch” came to our house last night to leave some surprises for everyone. The kids get such joy out of that each year. Normally she does a scavenger hunt but she must have been tired last night to write all those post it notes ;). So she left the goodies on the table. 

Later on after dinner we will go trick or treating. My kids are looking forward to being able to stay out later than normal since it’s not a school night. I bet they will not last to much longer after their bedtime though. By the time 7 o’clock rolls around they are pretty ready to start our nightly bedtime routine. Especially since daylight savings time is this weekend, I need them to get somewhat used to the time change.

Besides the excitement of Halloween, this week has been pretty normal. Not a ton of shopping. Is it me or has Publix sales been a little blah lately? I found myself this week trying to struggle to come up with $50 for the gas card deal. I mostly stocked up on meats and a few great deals but no where near what I would usually get. I did a  snack shopping over at Trader Joe’s, I needed to restock my new peanut butter cup addiction haha so I grabbed a few other treats for the kids and my husband. 

Overall a pretty budget friendly week though. 


Here are my Halloween edition shopping totals this week:

Spent – $117.32

Saved – $49.63

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