Teaching Your Kids About Green Living

 Teaching Your Kids About Green Living



All parents should know that it is never too early to teach their kids about green living. Not only will it help to promote another generation of an eco-conscious adults, it will also help teach them personal responsibility for the environment around them. For parents that are unsure of where to start.

6 simple tips that can be used to get kids on the right track with green living


  • 1. Avoid The Car When Possible

Skipping car rides not only promotes a more eco-friendly lifestyle, it is also the perfect way to spend time with kids and to get in some exercise. Choosing one or two errands per week, such as dropping off mail or getting groceries, is the perfect time to hop on a bicycle or go for a walk.


  • 2. Create an Organic Garden

Composting and gardening is one of the best ways to learn about the growth and preparation of food as well as avoid a scrap pile in the trash after dinner. Researching a few local and hardy fruits or vegetables is also important as it will ensure the first attempt at gardening is successful.


  • 3. Start a Recycling Day

While some recyclables can be tossed in the recycle bin right after they are used, others are going to require a trip to a recycling center. Each family member can go through the house and find all recyclables that are no longer being used. Some of the most common items that may be overlooked include old cell phones, old appliances, broken plastic toys, cardboard boxes, wood materials, and metal tidbits. You can introduce your children to recycling services such as General Recycling Industries Ltd. if you recycle in Edmonton especially.  Companies like this can teach kids about the fun logistical processes recycling can entail.


  • 4. Donate Regularly

Recycling isn’t the only way to ensure that old materials do not go to waste. A few times a year, families should set aside a short trip to a local donation center to clear away excess possessions for a good cause. These centers are always on the lookout for working toys, blankets, and clothing.


  • 5. Choose Local Foods

Most family gardens aren’t going to produce enough food for the family, and this is the perfect time to head to a local farmer’s market. These markets are a great way to get kids out into a new atmosphere and teach them about local, organic, and ethical farming.


  • 6. Promote Water Conservation

Even during wet years, water conservation should be a major concern for everyone in the house. Simple steps that parents can show their kids include taking shorter showers, turning off water while brushing teeth, and fixing leaky faucets.


When children are shown these habits at a younger age, they will become powerful tools for the rest of their life. Lessons that are learned within the home are almost always going to be the lessons that they carry with them forever.



This guest post was written by Rianne Hunter. Rianne is a wife, mother of three, and avid blogger regarding all things family, finance, and health.

photo credit: mrpbps via photopin cc

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